Thursday 1 November 2012

friday inspiration- changes & memories

All photos taken from my favourite blogs & tumblers:
sugarhigh + lovestoned, angelica blick, spell designs, charcoal alley,
arnhem clothing, ben trovato, the lane, sybil steele,
amber saylor, le monde est a nous, fashion fever

 so it has been a little busy this week, but i have had many amazing gifts and purchases in the mail that i am so excited to share with you all! both Spell designs and Arnhem clothing's summer collections are out now and gradually arriving in my mail box as i can't stop loving them hahah.. there will be a PHOTOSHOOT soon, as i know i have lacked in outfit blog posts lastly... but i just haven't had the time :(

lately i have been discovering some amazing new brands and blogs, my new favourite is ' le monde set a nous HERE. i am so inspired by all her lovely photos, inspirations and even though it is in french, the pictures basically tell a story by themselves...

i am also enjoying the quote above "don't count the days, make the days count" because i am literally counting down days till done uni and on holidays but really i should be concentrating on the days and making the most of them! i think we should all try and remember that quote in the week coming!

i thought i would do a little flashback friday here, as i was lucky enough to host a 'secret garden' gig at my house for Matt Corby.... it was one of the most amazing experiences and great to hear him live right at my house... here is a little video taken from the melbourne tour ft me ( background song is one of my favourites too) :)....

i hope you are all having a wonderful week and this post inspires you a little...
love leana


  1. Hey! Huge fan of your instagram and your blog by the way! Found it just a couple days after you started it and it instantly became a daily read. :) Just thought I would a) let you know I'm a fan, and b) ask: will you post pictures of your personal designs? As someone with a stunning sense of style and aesthetic, I am super excited to see your creations once you've finished presenting them for uni.

    Thanks! Keep up the beautifulness!


    1. hey darling :)
      yes i know who you are haha thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback and support :) is greatly appreciated!
      and yes definetly... i will definetly post photos of my designs when they are done.. give me about 2.5 weeks and they will be up on here :)may do a lil shoot too!, thank you again!

      love leana xxxx


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