Thursday 8 November 2012

nearly finished...

photo details:
skirt- spell designs
white tassel singlet- Sugarhigh + loves toned
tan bag- Amessoles    jeans- Sportsgirl   shoes- saltwater sandals   watch- pandeia

i have not done a flat lay in a while, and i have been so busy lately- so this is my way to apologise hehe :)
i have received some wonderful purchases, gifts and presents lately that are just calling out for a blog post.... so keep an eye out for some amazing outfit posts on there way!

summer is finally coming and i am 10 days away from holidays and i CANNOT WAIT!

my best friend and i have a big to do list haha, filled with market visits, music gigs, road trips and sun baking.... it couldn't come sooner!

i hope the sun is shining for you wherever you are!

lots of love,
leana xxx


  1. That spell skirt is so so amazing

  2. so inspiring ... our minds are spinning with how pearls can be incorporated ...

  3. This post made me so happy on this rainy day haha makes me miss summer style and bikinis! I cam across your instagram and had to come check out your blog, so happy I did! I started following you on bloglovin so I'm excited to keep up with your posts :) want to follow each other? Xx-

    1. thank you heaps for your beautiful comment,
      i am glad i inspire you :)
      id love to check out your blog,

      thank you xxx


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