Monday 17 December 2012

what does your zodiac say about you- Tara Wolf

It is so exciting to finally share with you properly this beautiful in so many ways label- TARA WOLF. 

I was lucky enough to receive a taurus zodiac bracelet from Chris herself and it has become a regular in my jewellery collection each day. The simplicity in each design but the deeper meaning within and what you make of it makes it so much more special. You have a connection to your inner self and a reminder to express the true you every day!

This brand is based on such amazing qualities & the ambassadors they have supporting them are so inspirational and reflect exactly what Tara Wolf is about...

you can visit their website:
 to get your own special bracelet and following the zodiac calendar each time that star sign gets 10% off their star sign bracelet, so Sagittarius you have till 22nd and then it's capricorns turn :)

They make such a great gift and there is also a special on at the moment :

Here is the wonderful, inspirational & insightful interview i had with Owner and creator Chris...

Where does the name Tara Wolf come from? How did your label start out?
We (our family) owned dogs…Siberian Huskies…and their kennel name was ARCTICWOLF. We then used this as our company name ARCTICWOLF PTY LTD, since 2005. When we decided to start our own store and Brand of jewellery we wanted to keep the “wolf” theme going. TARA means ….queen, star, goddess of the sea, diamond…..Its a strong name to match wolf…..I hope there is a bit of TARA WOLF IN every woman!!!!!! Strong, independent, regal.
Our label started approx. 12 months ago. We have a store in Westfield Miranda NSW called TARAWOLF, which stocks brands such as House of Harlow, Spell, Cat Hammill, Samantha Wills, Peeptoe, CC Sky, Belle Noel, Disney Couture, Palas, and more. We thought that we could create our own brand , to compliment what we had in the store.

What is your star sign and do you wear a certain chakra bracelet yourself? Have you always been interested in astrology and the deeper meaning of the chakra system?
My star sign is Capricorn….I am on the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn…22DEC.
I wear my zodiac sign with a chakra bracelet everyday. I am fortunate to be in a position to change what chakra bracelet I wear, depending on what I feel to work on to create a more balance in my life…I NEVER TAKE MY BRACELETS OFF, and I feel that they compliment my other jewellery very well…they are not obtrusive. I have always been fascinated by astrology and other religious systems..such as Buddhism and Hinduism…they are so old and interesting….I am also a lover of everything “natural”.

What do you consider your own style to be like? Who is your style icon and why?
Gee, I don’t know what you would call my style. I have always lived near the beach, I love natural beauty, like shells, water, sunsets, sunrises, trees, wind, birds. I genuinely feel that we are all connected…by energy, therefore we should project positive thoughts as much as possible. I like quality, simple, styled, “hippie”, meaningful. I feel I could fit right back into the Byron Bay , beach, free , spiritual culture and try to show this in our range. I love to have jewellery that is “timeless”, that can be worn anytime, anywhere with anything. I love the simplicity, of our range, jewellery must have a meaning to the wearer, being personal, reminders of what we need to focus on. Tara Wolf also is a great gift, different, boxed well, informative leaflets, and quality to show the receiver that the giver has thought about the gift. Believe it or not, I really like the way Elle MacPherson presents herself as a natural, Australian woman, confident in her ways, and projects this through her casual jeans, bohemian chic look ….not necessarily her love life, etc.

You have some truly amazing and inspiring women, as your brand ambassadors, how does it feel to work alongside them and how do they inspire you?
Yes..Yes….we have the most amazing ambassadors. These women are what Tara Wolf is all about, in all walks of life….These women, are confident, intelligent, strong, articulate, impressive, they are “GO-Getters”. They go about their life in an honest, positive way, they stand out from the crowd in any arena. I hope that we are recognised with them as being worthy to be worn by them….we are!!!
They inspire me to be more creative, more aware of things around me, be confident in me… one is perfect, we all need to work on areas, but we can still be positive with our life….these women are inspirational to so many in a diverse community. Tara Wolf suits all women/men…. Of all ages…..

Where does the design process begin for you – where do you start when designing a collection?
I always start with something that I like, would wear, and feel connection with. I like to design the whole package …from bracelet, to leaflets to boxing. When I buy something, half the fun is the packaging. It sets the jewellery off……Its complete!!
Also I look around and see what’s in fashion, what will be in fashion 12 months ahead, what are people wearing in Europe?  I am working on a some new designs…a dreamcatcher bracelet, and an infinity bracelet, and about 5 others to compliment the range, also some necklaces.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Do you have a life motto you live by?
Coffee gets me out of bed! HaHa…. Each day is a blessing, and I know times can be hard for everyone…but we are filled with energy, and we must think, and be positive in our work and thoughts…I am a huge believer of positivity in life, and this will be rewarded. My motto would be….what goes around comes around……always think before you say, do, anything……Good Karma works…..

What do you see for the future of Tara Wolf? Where would you like the label to go?
I would Like TARA WOLF BRAND to be synonymous with quality, honest, stylish, affordable, different, meaningful. I would like our brand to portray everything that a Tara Wolf wearer would be.
I hope that our brand/label is recognised by all Australians and New Zealanders …and they speak well of it to everyone…..I want people everywhere to have confidence in us and Tara Wolf……that we are reputable and desirable. 

i hope you have enjoyed this simply lovely and magical piece.

love Leana xxxx


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