Thursday 13 December 2012

white christmas- friday inspiration

had to include this of the smurfs haha i just love them :) so cute

All photo's taken from my favourite blogs, tumblers & pintrest:
Free People, Billabong USA, Kelli Murray, Kisforkani,
Gary Pepper Vintage, Angelica Blick, Fraiser Sterling jewelry,
11 days till christmas...

I have started to get into the real christmas spirit this week, made some yummy rum balls for my work friends, writing christmas cards for special people, watching love actually & having christmas music playing around the house...

My mums background is Norwegian so hello to all my Norwegian followers :), I have been there many times before and have been lucky enough to celebrate a few white christmas's with family over there. It is such a different experience having a white christmas and especially in Norway where you sing songs around the christmas tree, snack on marzipan and even get to open some presents on christmas eve hehe.

I was also enjoying the amazing new Billabong USA holiday look book video where my all time favourite Zippora jumps around in the snow in beautiful Billabong clothes, 
so here it is....

I hope you are all geting into the christmas spirit too & have a lovely weekend.

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lots of love,
Leana xxxx


  1. Love your blog, what an inspiration you are! Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Lovely bog all images are just perfect also the Christmas cards are pretty and quite simple everyone can print and send to their love one no matter what Ink Cartridges he/she have to print this cards these are simple colored and very attractive card i must appreciate.


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