Saturday 12 January 2013

Under the Sea- creative edit by Paris

creative edit by the wonderful Paris Gerrard
My inspiration, long lost gypsy sister, lovely friend and fellow blogger Paris Gerrard from Charcoal Alley has used her magic wand to create this under the sea creative edit for me :)
It is such a beautiful piece and i love how i look like a sparkling mermaid :) who knows how she does this, but i just love it so much. This is only one her many talents and to see more of her work check out her wonderful blog: or follow her on instagram @charcoalalley

Here is a beautiful quote taken from her blog post 'she rose from the sea', that really inspired me:

"Waves collided, pounding the sandy earth, and there from the churning, sea-foam waters, rose the beautiful Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.  As a child, she was my goddess of choice.  I was entranced with the myths of her mysterious life.  Her ability to seduce, absolutely.  It is said that she possessed a magic girdle that had the power to transform anyone that wore it into an irresistible creature.  Her most famous depiction is of Sandro Botticelli’s, Birth of Venus, the painting which interprets the goddess, Aphrodite, standing on a scalloped shell, floating upon the green sea.  The pebbly, beach in Pissouri, is where Aphrodite’s mystical rock is situated. Legend has it that “if one swims around the prominent rock three times, naked, and under a full moon, they will find true love.”  This idea seems like a daring adventure--especially for a single girl. "- Paris

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