Saturday 4 May 2013

Peace, Love & Pandeia - inspirational shoot & video

 'The story of a girl on her day... 
The lifestyle of a free spirited PANDEIA girl.'

Follow your inner compass

 Photographer:  /  Model:  Jordan Payne  /  Hair & MU:  makeup maui and hair
Assistant: katherine sawicki  /  Styling/set:  Kelsi v (pandeia)
Song:  written, played and composed by Cory V (pandeias big bro)

When approached by the lovely Kelsi asking if I wanted to be apart of launching this shoot, it was meant to be. When viewing one of the video edits I honestly stopped for a second, completely still taking in all its beauty and inner child essence. It was truly 'Peace, Love & Pandeia'....I had always longed to really experience my inner compass, but over the last few months I have felt it guiding me, telling me that it is ok to go down this path and good things are just around the corner. My own Pandeia watch is on my wrist every day, leading me on my own journey. 

This shoot is truly beautiful in so many ways, Kelsi truly inspires me in all she does, especially as I have watched her grow over the past years. I see so much truth, passion & raw energy bursting out the sides of these photos & video. I see all her hard work and time, and I can sense so much love for what she does. I look at the girl and wish that was me, so calm... so still... so content. 

What makes this video even more special as you will soon see is the way the music follows and goes along with all the emotions you feel when watching it. Written, played and composed by her very older brother, creativity definitely does run in the family hehe. When you listen for yourself you will see how perfect it is in supporting the life of a Pandeia girl.

Enjoy these photos, and take in all its beauty.... watch the video and be taken to another world!

Love Leana xxxx

Purchase your own Pandeia watch here :     music: "After the Storm" by Cory V. (Pandeia's big brother)


  1. These photos are amazing, love the styling!

  2. Pure love n magic...haven't been this inspired and blown away by a lookbook in awhile. And your words are beautiful lovely <3

  3. This is so lovely in every way!!

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  4. amazing pictures !!!!

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  6. where is her nose ring from? it is lovely!


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