Sunday 9 June 2013

cowboy hats, skateboards & crochet- mix it up outfit post

bracelet details: 
(L-R) Arrow Divine, The design Villa, Arrow divine, Chakra, Rico Designs

Outfit Details:
kimono - Arnhem  /  dress - Free People  /  crochet skirt - Cleobella  
bikini - Billabong  /  skate board & bag - Ames Collective  /  hat - Hope & May
rings - Bahgsu Jewellery, Mania Mania  /  book - Girlosophy  /  watch - Pandeia

I love the feeling of waking up to sunshine peering through my curtains, it instantly for me is a mood booster. What better way to brighten up my day more than with a colourful kimono by Arnhem, a cowboy hat from Hope & May, a crochet skirt by Cleobella & an Ames Collective custom board. It was such a fun lil shoot and so easy to style as I felt so great in these pieces.

I found a cute quote from the Hope & May pintrest and felt it was perfect for this shoot-

"You may think that the grass is greener on the other side.
But if you take the time to water your own grass,
it would be just as GREEN!"

So get your green thumb on and start watering the grass, soon every day will be as sunny as the last :)

Love Leana xxxx


  1. Ahhhh you are perfect seriously!
    Love everything about this outfit you boho hippie babe of a babe


  2. You are so stunning!!! I love this look so so much. You seriously have the best style.


  3. That's such a great quote!

  4. Leana ~
    You are a ray of sunshine!

    ~ Athena xx

  5. Hey flower!

    Always love your boho looks. Beautiful.. beautiful <3
    Peace & Love

  6. So in love with you x

  7. amazing outfit!

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