Friday 19 July 2013

My mummy; a true inspiration, I will never forget you... Her story, Happy Birthday

 Today is my Mum's Birthday, and I thought it would be nice to share with you guys some much loved photos of my mum and a little bit about her :)
                                                Happy Birthday mum, I'm missing you!

She was honestly the most inspirational person I will ever know and her way of living life to the fullest with happiness and laughter helps guide my every day.

We all know a mother's love can never be replaced and neither can the memories you share with them. Through the good times and bad our mums can always be relied on!

I have always been told I am forever smiling and I have always believed it is because of my mum.
After my sister my mum was told she wouldn't be able to have anymore kids and then miraculously she discovered she was pregnant 5 and half years later. Through her pregnancy she was glowing and the happiest ever, mum believes this is the reason why I am always so happy and smiling.
Ill continue to carry on mums love for life through my every day.

Give a big hug to all your mothers out there today as I wish my mum a very happy birthday...

Here is a piece I wrote for the funeral booklets, a letter to my mum....

Dear Mum,

You have given me the confidence to believe in myself and to reach above and beyond the stars.

You have reminded me how important laughter is and not to take life so seriously.

You have supplied me with endless love, the warmest cuddles and the best memories; something no one can ever take away from me.

You have taught me how important living life to the fullest is and that you are a true example of this.

You have reminded me to never forget to release my inner child and that a simple smile can brighten someone’s day.

You have given me the strength to persist through the tough times and courage to try out new things.

You have shown by example that you can wear red on red on red and feel so great about yourself, that if you feel good that’s all that matters.

You have always let me know that no matter if we are together or far apart, no distance or time will separate us, that we will always have a place for each other in our hearts.

You have made me the very girl I am today and I love you for everything that we shared together.

You will be forever in my heart!

Your loving daughter Leana

To end... here is one of my mum's favourite songs- 

 I hope you all have the most beautiful day!
Love Leana xx


  1. Big hugs and loving vibes go to you today.

  2. beautiful blogpost, what a beautiful lady she is! <3 my thoughts are with you Leana xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to your mummy. What a lovely post. I'm sure she's smiling.

    Krissie - Pearls of Style

  4. This is SO sweet! I love those photos of your mom when she was really little. That second photo (on the left) is just SUCH a great picture.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. That is Thus special! I really like individuals pictures of the mommy whenever the girl was really small. That will 2nd picture (on the left) is just SUCH a fantastic runescape gold

  6. Girl this is an amazing blog post...your mum totally gorgeous just like you! sending loads of love xxx


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