Monday 26 August 2013

golden gypsy traveller- layers, prints & turquoise jewels

Golden Gypsy Traveller

Outfit details:
top - Matevintage  /  pants - Flynn Skye  /  white shirt & necklace - Free People
kimono, headpiece, rings - Spell Designs  /  backpack - Jac Vanek x Element
shoes - Converse  /  bracelets - Rico Designs, Arrow Divine, The Design Villa
watch - Pandeia  / turquoise ring - Save the last Pinker / anglediamonddot

It is has been a long time coming, but finally it has felt right to get back into blogging.
It has been quite an up and down journey over the last 5 months & I am continually being inspired by so many people but have just never seem to be able to take it that step further till now...

I love the feeling of putting together an outfit, starting initially with my new MATEVINTAGE top, adding pants, then shirt then shoes, jewellery, kimono & a backpack to finish. How somehow everything comes together in the end even if you are unsure. Somehow like in life too, life will some how all come together and make you feel better about things.

I hope this all brings some gypsy love to you all this week, don't be afraid to try something new...
never know where it will take you :)

lots love,
Leana xxxx

more details HERE!

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  1. I just love the way you pile it all on. Uniquely you!! Always look ahead to the golden sunshine, but let the rain cleanse you when it falls. ♥

    Lots of gypsy love & light xxx
    ~ Athena


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