Friday 9 May 2014

White of the Night - sneak peek into Lisa's Closet

photographer - Carly Brown  /  model - Lindy Klim
assistant stylist - Lex Weinstein  /  hmu - Krystal Perske  /  clothing - Lisa's Closet
jewellery - Celeste Twikler, Wild Heart jewels, Amari & Meeshka Jewels

The 'White of the Night' look book features australian model and fashion icon Lindy Klim and pays homage to the owl thought by some ancient tribes to be trusted with the responsibility of winging a soul that passed into the 'spirit realm'. She (Lindy) is the keeper of the owls and the connection between our world and the spirit world. Filmed in beautiful Byron Bay Australia Lisa's Closet fashion are painted using ancient batik methods.

Lisa's closet has been on my radar for a long time now and beautiful Lisa and I were magically connected at the right time. I was so excited when she wanted me to share with all my readers this wonderful sneak peek of her new collection. When i saw her own sneak peeks i knew i had to share with it.... the colours fabrics and just everything about it are so beautiful! truly captured something magical and other worldly!

I hope you all love this and head over to for updates
& follow her on instagram @lisasclosetbyronbay to know when the collection launches.

Love leana xx

video by Chrystal Fitzgerald

music - Jai Jagdeesh 'Aap Sahaaee Hoa

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