Saturday 16 August 2014

come fly with me || the healing journey & my design concept

drawing by Stephanie Elise

'A young girl was walking barefoot alone. The feeling of the sand warmed her as her feet sunk into the earth, leaving a path of her journey behind her. The ocean was staring back at her, the salty breeze through her hair and the waves were in line with her heartbeat. Somehow she felt a connection, a feeling that her mum was right there next to her, holding her hand.  But she turned her head to her left remembering fondly all the happy memories together but nothing was there.

The young girl went to sleep that night, placing a crystal under her pillow asking for comfort, love and sweet dreams. Closing her eyes she was welcomed into a whole new world, her mum walking towards her through the white crisp snow. Tears began to fall down her cheeks and no words seemed to come out. Her mum holding her tightly she simply said, “you will be ok… I promise! Look for me in other ways, I am here and I am always here with you wherever you are, wherever you want me to be I am there” Before she could say anymore she woke from her dream…a tear fell to the pillow.

The young girl was walking through the wheat fields the next day, the sunlight on her face and the open space welcoming her in with a big warm hug. She sat down eyes closed hands pushing against the ground, taking in the moment. As she exhaled she opened her eyes and there to her left was a beautiful white butterfly. It looked at her straight into her soul and then circled around her… the girl putting one hand to her heart knew straight away. It was her she was here, just like she said.

Now to this day the young girl is able to feel her around her whenever she needs her to be, whether it’s the sunshine that wakes her in the morning or the stars that put her to sleep, the bloom of a new flower or the roaring sound of the ocean, a simple smile on her face or the warmth in her hands, a beautiful dream or a white butterfly…'    
                                                     - Written by me


So I have just began my final semester at uni now and it is time to design my graduate collection… we were to create our own brief but to concentrate on our identity and making this something about our own story. For me an idea actually came about while sewing my collection last semester. I was introduced to to illustrator Stephanie Elise and her beautiful piece named 'Naia', a visual companion to the legend of the giant waterlily. The idea of beautiful things & new life coming from the passing of someone. The idea that there is a second life and a way for those of us who have lost someone to find them in other ways. It is a special connection we will always share with them.

So for me it was simple, the concept for my collection I was to create a myth myself and work with Steph to illustrate symbolically what it meant. A very personal piece to me and to be able to share with someone very close things to me and see how she translates that into a drawing was beautiful, quite healing too. And I had hoped that it did the same for the viewer…

It saddens me so much that I know of so many people around my age who have lost a parent over the last few years, and also receiving comments from instagram followers reaching out too. I wouldn't want anyone to feel such sadness but sometimes things happens. So for me what I would love is to be able to give something special to you all. To remind you that those loved ones are around us are there wherever you want them to be, they live on within us and will always be by our side no matter what.

So i give to you the drawing and story above, a symbolic way for them to say I am here…

I believe that it is up to you to believe in what you choose, but I know myself i find it very comforting to think my mum is really there with me always, and will be there when i need her. We may not be able to have them physically but they can be in our dreams, heart and nature just as strong; as long as we let it and as long as we believe it can be.

to purchase illustrations by Steph head to:
you can also follow her journey on instagram: @steph_elise_illustration

sending love and light,
Leana xx

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