Saturday 29 September 2012

saturday inspiration post- white on white

all photos come from my favourite blogs and tumblers:
oracle fox, spell designs, pony gold, lust for life,
with flowers behind her ear, raw waves, life by the sea, fashion fever


i am finally on a week of holidays that isn't much of a holiday since i have so much homework to do,
but i need to get inspired and thought i would share that with you...

so many blogs and tumblrs as mentioned above inspire me every day and i love seeing the new
images they put up. in a theme along with my latest instagram picture on white on white,
these images represent a theme that i love.

unfortunately i have noticed some problems on my blog and have googled all day and played around so hopefully it is all fixed for you.

i hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
thank you so much for all your continued support, i can't believe all the amazing responses and feedback i am getting,
its just wonderful and has made my week!

love Leana xxxx

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