Friday 5 October 2012

sunshine, smiles, showbags & smurfs


melbourne show outfit-
leggings, crop top, bag- Spell Designs
crochet vest- Minkpink
sunglasses, white singlet- Sportsgirl
jewellery- mix of Lovisa, Forever New, Sportsgirl, Spell, Ishka, Diva

Early this week my friends Sascha, Emma & i made our way to The Royal Melbourne show!
sunshine, smiles and show bags were definitely coming our way.. and a special appearance of brainy the smurf hehe

after getting ripped off by a silly ball game- where we were promised whichever plush toy we wanted but ended up with a bad quality spongebob! we made our way to hunt down some yummy show bags.

the SO SCARY slide to me ( i hate rides :P) brought on laughter and excitement, next on to flirting with the bungee jumping instructor- which took my friends sky high!
odd music at the horse riding, giant fair floss, baby animals, bubbles and fire men who didn't meet expectations, the day was so much fun.

photos and edits by: 
sascha (@sascha_ebony)
and emma (@lemaar)

love leana 

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  1. So jealous of the my little pony show bag haha


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