Tuesday 20 November 2012

second year final collection- beach goddess/warrior- my life, love & joy

Getting ready before hand...

my outfit for the day...

my best friend...

models- gabe, emma, amy
make up- La'Tecia
hair- Jess
Jewellery-Spell designs, Sportsgirl, handmade & Lovisa
Shoes- betts

 Body 1-

Body 2-

Body 3-

Make up artist-

Styling pieces from Spell designs i borrowed- www.spelldesigns.com

                                                        my final 7 piece collection for second year... if you have been wondering where i have been lately... this is where... countless hours of designing, drafting, pattern making, sewing, styling and just on tuesday my Panel Presentation at uni.

The brief was Dystopia vs. Utopia and i chose Dystopia which you had to use a monochromatic colour scheme exploring textures. I drew inspiration from game of thrones character Daenerys targaryen, whom has a bohemian luxe style but also a strong wise women. i also was inspired by shells of course haha as there is a lot of meaning behind them- signifying the beginning of life, a shelter / protection- from there i looked at current trends and built up my folio.

My models Gabrielle, Emma and Amy were all styled in Spell designs jewellery ( you can purchase HERE), i was lucky enough to borrow their insanely beautiful Crystal pieces that worked wonders and got so many compliments on... not to mention my CRAZY MERMAID SHELL skirt that i have been saving to wear to my panel... they are just amazing people who create pieces of magic that you can own.

i was lucky enough to discover the talented and ever so friendly La'Tecia who works for MAC make up and she helped me out with my goddess models in doing their make up. you can check out her amazing work at makeupbylatecia.net . she did a perfect job in capturing the beauty in my designs and complimenting all my styling pieces... i shall be keeping in touch with her hehe

The amazing hair was done by the one and only jess- my best friend for 7 years now- she was there this semester through the good times and bad and up late helping me out :) she is so wonderful and you will defiantly see her pop up in my blog posts this summer

so i am so EXCITED to share with you my collection and i really hope you enjoy seeing it all up and close and learning about the story/ inspirations behind it. i have one year to go at uni and then i am out in the wonderful world to explore and experience the fashion industry.

on another note i have a A GIVEAWAY COMING VERY VERY SOON.....
and also some AMAZING collaborations, blog posts, interviews coming IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.... keep your eyes posted this will be a great summer for us all!

again THANKYOU to my models Emma, Gabe and Amy, to La'tecia, Jess and thank you to Spell designs for the jewellery!

below is some pages from my folio for you to enjoy :) and lots of love!
leana xxxxx

 Make up charts of what was on the models-


  1. Great job on your collection it's gorgeous!!! I love crochet too!! Xoxo

  2. Looks so amazing all styled with the hair and make up. I love the second look the most with the maxi and the wrap with the split in the back. Your inspiration boards are stunning too. Hope you get good marks! totally deserve it.
    xx Tanya

  3. Wow! I love these. Your hard worked paid off -- these designs are spectacular. I am so excited to watch you continue to blossom into a high end designer. You definitely have the power and creativity. I love everything about your style. You look like a mermaid goddess in the Hanalei skirt.


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