Tuesday 5 March 2013

Byron Bay part 2- My week at Spell Designs

Helping a special shoot for Free People

keeping baby Indi happy and smiling- dancing to nursery rhymes hehe

georgia trying to get through all the orders

A photo of the spell sisters young, wild & free

My Last day at Spell HQ

All photos by me or the spell girls
So here is part 2- my week at Spell needed a post to itself; giving you a taste of the most amazing experience ever, through a selection of BHS photos from the week. Byron Bay really holds some truly magical places and I was lucky enough to intern for a week with the one and only Spell Designs.... 

Here a piece I wrote for my diary as an intern for Spell Design blog-

We all have someone that we look up too, someone who inspires us and someone who lives the life we dream of. For me right now the Spell sisters represent that. They have given me the opportunity to start to build my own name in this industry and have supplied me with endless inspiration to spark some amazing ideas & the confidence to believe in myself and push forward to someday achieve the many amazing things they have. Every person’s journey is different and mine always seemed to have a path leading to Byron Bay and getting the opportunity to go behind the scenes and have a week interning at Spell.  A long time planning, this week finally happened and began on the 4th of February…
I began the week with a tummy full of butterflies but so much excitement. Nat, Mae, Georgia, Jaimi & Emma welcomed me to HQ and it was just so lovely to be working around creative minds and be apart of where the magic happens. As the week progressed I got to work on small projects including making bags, beanies and lots of jewellery (which was actually much harder than I thought haha). This just makes me appreciate so much more when purchasing something, the time and love that go into every piece. It was to my excitement when Spelly, Luciana and Lizzy arrived on my second day for a shoot, it was such a special moment for me and they really are so lucky to have each other and get to work with loved ones every day.
Every day at Spell HQ was exciting, whether Natalie was craving Nutella, or Georgia would be laughing over silly things, or watching Emma & Mae dance and sing frog songs to keep Indi smiling. These girls share some wonderful qualities and interning for a week just made my passion for this industry so much stronger. These photos don’t do justice the happiness I had working there and how fortunate I was to be a part of the Spell team for a week.
This experience really opened my eyes to the design world and I now am even more excited to finish my course and get into the industry. If you ever make your way to Byron Bay which i highly suggest- you must put Spell Designs on your list of things to do... AND they also just opened up a store in the main town- how exciting!
VISIT their website for more info and some amazing products, look books & inspiration
lots of love, Leana xxxx


  1. I saw these pictures on the Spell blog a few days ago and knew I had to follow you right away. You have amazing style & are so lucky to have worked with Spell. x

    <3 Melissa

  2. That place looks like heaven on earth !


    Coline ♡

  3. Spell is my favorite store what a great experience !!! I love your style and I really enjoy fallowing your blog

  4. amazing shop!!! thks for the pics!! <3

  5. Hey Leana,
    I found your post on google and wondered if I could ask you how you contacted spell to get your week internship. I'm in love with the brand and the inspiration behind it and would love to be amongst them for a week like you.
    Thank you so much
    My email is coraldpayne@gmail.com


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