Monday 4 March 2013

My week in Byron Bay PART 1 - where i belong

visiting Island Luxe- meeting delphine and seeing her work in real life

visiting sweet papillion- bought a shell chandeleir :)

visiting my new favourite shop HOPE & MAY

my new cj flower crown

visiting Goddess of Babylon

Day one purchases- nearly blown all my money


getting Henna done

Celeste Twikler stall at markets- such a lovely lady

Yummm Conscious Cafe

My new Myee Carlyle Kimono

Out for Sushi

the most amazing Tigerlily store, so so big

the coolest Merfins- dying to get one!!

visiting beautiful and the sweetest girls

all my shopping bags HAHA

attempting to pack everything

finally getting to see the beach on the last day....

All photos by me or my mum
So it has taken me forever to finally get these photos up haha, so many photos and it has been quite a bit 2 weeks getting back into uni mood. but there are here and of course this is only part 1 :) my week at spell is coming very soon with more BHS shots of my week there :)

Byron Bay was actually the best decision I have made. As my friends all said they were worried once i visited I wouldn't want to come back... well lets just say it could be very much true. I felt so welcome and as if i was meant to live and be there. The inspiration that i found and the wonderfully beautiful and generous people i met make byron such a paradise for me. I must say the shopping was a high point for me but seriously why don't we have a Hope and May in melbourne haha. It was just the best thing to meet the people behind so many labels i have loved and some worked with such as the lovely Arnhem girls, Celeste Twikler, Goddess of Babylon, Myee Carlyle, Delphine Racca, Hope & May and Sweet Papillion. 

I wish i had a few extra days there to explore a little more, but i guess that just means i need to organise a trip back very soon hehe. I think if you are considering going there, definitely book your flights ( maybe wait till the storms are gone :P). Byron Bay gave me the inspiration i had been searching for, the reminder of why i love fashion design, the persistence to finish my course and the belief in my making my dreams come true. I will be back very soon.....

visit some of my favourite stores here.....

Myee Carlyle
Hope & May
Delphine Racca
Goddess of Babylon
Celeste Twikler
Cj Flower crowns


Love Leana xxxxx


  1. Wow! This is amazing! It does look like paradise :)

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  2. Looked like a beautiful time away... Loving the overload of shells <3

  3. Wow, this is all so gorgeous. Swoon! Love your henna, especially!

    <3 Melissa

  4. i love byron!! best shopping :) i am lucky to live only 30 mins away, but i want to be there ALL the time. Hope you can come back you look and sound like you definitely belong there. :) x

  5. Byron is seriously the best place ever, I've only been once so far but it actually feels like a home to me! These pics are amazing


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