Sunday 10 March 2013

tip toe into a sea of turquoise - inspiration

Photos taken from some of my favourite blogs & tumblrs:
Free People Blog, Goldfish Kiss, Jens Pirate Booty, Pony Gold,
Lust For Life, Mania Mania, wanderdrifted Pintrest, Fashion gone Rogue
What better way to start the week than with a little bit of inspiration...I ran out of time end of last week to post my weekly inspiration post so here I am on Monday making it up to you with a tip toe around in a sea of TURQUOISE....

I have taken such a beautiful colour and tried exploring all depths in which this colour can go... wether it is in clothes, accessories, drawings, sea life, surroundings, food, books or just simply the beautiful ocean. For me it creates a sense of calm & peace while also making me feel quite inspired too.

Hoping you all have a wonderful week and this gives you some inspiration to get going :)

Love Leana xxxx

p.s enjoy a beautiful song by Jason Mraz - I WON'T GIVE UP


  1. So inspiring - I wish I was at the beach. x

    <3 Melissa

  2. You are amazing. It's funny you have selected almost all the same pics that I had in a line up, are spirits must enjoy the same devine things :) I hope to be somewhat close to amaze as you - Keep on shining and inspiring :)


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