Saturday 20 April 2013

Look on the bright side- New look, New logo...New beginnings

Arm candy
Design Villa, Vanessa Mooney, Tara Wolf 

faux fur vest & skirt - Lilya  /  bikini top - L*Space swimwear  
dress worn as cape - Arnhem  /  crochet top - Love Bird Collective  
beanie - Somedays Lovin  /  boots - Wild and Free  /  watch - Pandeia    
feather earrings / extensions - Feather Junkie  
necklaces - Spell designs, Beachcomber, Design Villa 

It is with great pleasure and excitement that today I launch my new look blog designed by the beautiful Louise from ‘The Design Villa’ & my new logo drawn by the ever so talented Rachel Urquhart.

The last month I have taken a break from blogging to spend time with family as my mum got very sick. It was a very tough time as things got worse and sadly my mum passed away at the end of March. My mum was a true inspiration to all she knew and in an upcoming post I wish to share her story with you all. I dedicate my blog to my mum and she will always live within me and guide me through the years ahead.

Through this time it really made me start to reevaluate life and what it is I wish to get out of it. In order to make my dreams come true I needed to start doing things for myself and really just reaching above and beyond the stars. I would like to thank dearest Louise for designing something perfect beyond words, truly me and showing such patience in creating my layout. Thank you to the ever so inspiring and incredible illustrator Raych for creating a logo that represents everything my blog & I are about and  more. Thank you to all you guys who remind me every day why I love doing this and how much you all inspire me! 

So my journey starts here, beginning with my new look blog…

To bigger and better things,
To new beginnings….

Love Leana xx

Check out Rachel Urquhart's blog HERE
Check out The Design Villa site HERE

Found through the ever inspiring GoldfishKiss this wonderful video...

'You are more beautiful than you think'
 It is definitely worth a look....


  1. Gorgeous hon! Love the new blog, love the inspiring post and all the stunning pics...keep shining that bright light of yours, I can see you reaching beyond your wildest dreams lovely xxx

  2. So sorry about your mum! I hope you're doing allright. You're such an inspiration in every way, and your new design is really lovely! Lots of love xx

  3. i'm so sorry about your mama leana :( bet she's mega proud of you though! You are such a massive inspiration, love your blog and can't wait for things to come! xox

  4. Congratulations Leana!!! The new blog looks gorgeous! And so beautiful that you've dedicated such a passionate and inspiring space to your beautiful mum. xx biggest love Lizzy

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  6. Gorgeous! You're a true beauty and very inspirational! I love what you do! I'm so sorry about your mum! xo Jennifer

  7. blog looks so amazing! so proud of you Leana! your mom would be to! and such an inspirational video as well! lovelove

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. Make your dreams come true xxx

  9. I am so in love with your new layout!! LOVELY!!

  10. Truly beautiful! All of it, the blog, the layout, the logo and YOU! So very inspirational, can't wait to watch your journey unfold!

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

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  12. So sad to hear, I'm so sorry for your loss Leana. This post is so touching and I know you are going to have an amazing journey doing what you love! Keep up the inspiring work! :) x

  13. Your light shines bright Leana. Good luck on your journey as you follow your passion, you have a very bright future ahead of you. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. ♥

    ~ Athena xxx

  14. Your new logo is stunning, Leana. It captures your very essence and I believe it will be effective in getting people's attention. Your fashion sense is also commendable. The accessories and the dress suit you perfectly. I wish you luck in your future endeavors! :)

    Humberto Decius


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