Tuesday 9 July 2013

Summer in the Horizon- Tropical Dreaming inspiration

 photos taken from my fav tumblrs & blogs:

It has been a little while since I have been blogging, sometimes we all just need a little break from things and after handing in all my assignments just needed some time to relax and unwind.
Now trying to get back into my momentum and bring some much needed goodness that you all deserve :) lets just say well i always say haha that there are great things to come :)

I am also counting down the days till I head to Port Douglas, I am so excited to be going there, so much amazing shell goodness, beautiful beach walks and fresh air that I feel will be great for me :) It is one of my favourite places and the Sunday market there is a personal fave, so many wonderful people too around town and one of all time favourite stores 'Moonshine Bay' definitely a stop over if you are ever going that way.Not to mention all the wonderful yummy food :D yay a

( above photo from Gary Pepper Vintage)

I hope this post gives you some inspiration and a nice moment to day dream away to somewhere tropical!

Love Leana xxx


  1. love theses pics, as usual!!! so pretty

  2. Love it..!! dreaming for the summer days in my jumper and uggies..xXx
    Kellie ~ www.myeecarlyle.com.au/blog/

  3. Beautiful inspiration!! Love your blog <3
    Peace & Love

  4. I love this post! Summer hurry up!

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