Saturday 2 November 2013

The Devotional Collection by Mara Hoffman- Bohemian bridal dreams

Mara Hoffman- The Devotional Collection

photographer: Olivia Malone   /   stylist: Richard Ruiz
production: Yasmin Hed   /   hair/makeup: Ashlee Rose Clay

'All blessings, all love, all light...

When I came across this indescribable magical photo shoot I was absolutely blown away...
at everything!
From the styling, to the make up, the location, the garments and the model- just all of it together is a perfect dream of a shoot i would dream to be apart of of. It is just so wow i don't even know how to describe it, and couldn't help myself but share it with all of you!

I think one day when I am getting married, I would love to be the bride in this shoot hehe.
As Mara Hoffman states these pieces are "Intended to be worn by the free spirited devotees of love. Inspired by the idea of the spontaneous bride running off to be married by the sea, barefoot in the desert, or under a canopy in the woods."- that sounds perfect to me :)

Hope this brings some inspiration to your Sunday afternoon, day dreaming of our own weddings one day...

Love Leana xx


  1. this is such a beautiful post! me too! i want my future wedding dress to be as bohemian and stunning as these=] thank you for sharing=]

  2. So dreamy! My husband and I have been married for 17 years. We got married in our early 20's and didn't have the money to do our "dream" wedding, so we kept it pretty traditional. We have always said we'd renew our wedding vows on our 25th wedding anniversary barefoot on the beach! Boho style of course! Great inspiration!

    ~ Athena xxx

  3. Simply gorgeous! Love the dreamy feeling.
    Peace & Love

  4. Such a gorgeous shoot!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. At first, I tried cancelling my order when I noticed that the estimated delivery date fell after my wedding day, but the seller made sure that I received it several days earlier.


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