Saturday 11 January 2014

it's the goddess within me, it's the stars above me

outfit details:
dress - Goddess of Babylon  /  kimono - Lisa's Closet  /  headpiece & bracelet wrap - PFYT
feather necklace - Spell Designs  /  short shell necklace - Design Villa
bikini top - L*space  /  bag - Cleobella  /  rings - Tree of Life & PFYT / anklet - Lotus & Lime

The morning sunlight is just so beautiful as is the sun going down later in the day,
how the start of a day also becomes just as beautiful as the end…

Byron Bay is calling me & luckily I have 2 weeks there coming up, I am counting down the days!
pure bliss, sunshine, relaxation and for sure plenty of shopping.
There are just so many inspiring and beautiful labels that way-

one of them being 'Goddess of Babylon' which their Marigold dress I am featuring
in this blog post. Their beautiful prints, bohemian silhouettes & refreshing styling,
it is a label you can't go past. As you can see it is just as beautiful as the beginning of any day...

love leana


  1. God I love your style! You look so gorgeous in every single picture and your outfit.....heaven

  2. Dreamy perfection as always! you look beautiful.

    Zoe xx


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