Wednesday 2 April 2014

a bohemian byron treat - a visit to Spell Boutique

photographer - Mel Carrero  /  
location - Spell Boutique Byron Bay  /  make up - Blushing by Shannon
clothing & jewellery - Spell Designs  /  shoes - Windsor Smith  /  hat - Sportsgirl

One of the biggest highlights of my trip to Byron Bay this year was being able to visit the now 1 year old Spell Boutique in town. Last year when I visited it was 3 weeks away from opening so I just missed out… but was it worth the wait.

I always feel a bit nervous to be heading into Spell whether HQ or their store as I admire there whole team so much and am so inspired by all that they do so to be in their presence is such a special thing for me. You can see their bohemian styled store from ages away, the most photogenic white peacock chair out the front and cute little plants and cactus's just to the left of the entrance.

The smell of Indian summer fills the air and heaven suddenly appears as you walk in and are greeted by the most beautiful spell angels as they liked to be called. Colours, patterns and many textures fill the racks & turquoise jewels adorn every corner. Bits and pieces of what you would imagine every spell sister to own fills white walls and muses such as Bambi and Kate Moss sit in vintage frames watching over.

The energy within the store is so positive and it honestly makes everyone want to take a piece of Spell home with them, styled to perfection we all wish our homes resembled this store in one way or another.
2 and half hours went very quickly for me on my first visit and had my own personal photographer Luciana come by to play dress ups with me.

A Spell bag in hand, some new goodies and some wonderful memories to get me by to my next visit
(the very next day hehehe). So I would highly recommend a visit to their boutique if you are ever in Byron bay at : 1/1 Marvell st Byron Bay ( corner Fletcher & Marvell st)

Or if you can't get to the store head to: for a fashion fix and bohemian lifestyle at its best!

Spell Designs have also done their own version of this blog post and a little story from Luciana about my first visit there from her perspective, you can check this out here

This video below always inspires me… so I hope it does too, to follow your own dreams:

Created by Johnny Abegg

Hope you have a lovely week,

Love Leana xx


  1. First of all love your outfit and your hair is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Now, I do follow Spell's blog and I like it very much, their stuff is awesome but after watching this video everything about them seems so much more magical and whimsical haha the whole thing is so much better, so thanks for that!


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