Thursday 24 April 2014

listen to the roar of the ocean, for in it are all those who've been & those to come - inspiration & healing


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It has been a while since I have done a big inspiration post like this, and well today seemed like the right day to do it as I needed something to make me smile myself & I love the feeling of being inspired… so I hope this post brings you everything it needs to. 

It is now just over a year since my dear mummy passed away. I feel that sometimes grief isn't spoken about enough- I find that when I am posting quotes etc on instagram so many lovely people are opening up to me about their own losses and the pain that they are feeling being away from their loved ones. It is such a hard thing to talk about, and as every person grieving will cope in their own way and will all find different ways to help them.

For me it has been a mixture of things…
meditation and so on.

These are only a few things that have really helped me in trying to understand why someone I love so much could be taken away from me at an age when I still have so much I wish to share with my mum like finishing uni, getting married, having kids & simply just seeing her every day.

something we all mostly take for granted

My mum, she is the most inspirational person I will EVER know and through all she has been through I couldn't even imagine the strength she had, to get through all her years of being sick. Although in the end it was melanomas spread through to her lungs that took her away there was so much before that she had to endure & many times where she thought it was the end. Diabetes, 2 strokes, kidney transplant are just to name a few. Many of my friends cannot believe how strong I have been over this time, and I think it is because I have got so much strength from my mummy within me. I also believe that we are much stronger than we think we are and although some people may follow my blog & instagram and think I have the 'perfect life' they must understand that I too like every other human being have horrible days where pain, grief, sadness and complete emptiness take over. So for me a blog and instagram are a way of healing too, expressing my feelings & sharing with others happy things in my life & things that have brought me up back on my feet. Things that have allowed me to one day accept what happened.

I was first introduced to crystals by Maggie from Baghsu Jewels, just a month after my mum passed and couldn't be more grateful. Having something to be excited about and put my energy into was a great distraction from all the sadness around me. And also a way of being able to connect to my mum in a magical way became something I really loved. I am fascinated by these natural forms & will continue to collect and learn about them, something I wish everyone to find a thing that makes them happy.

It is a journey for every person who can connect with me on this post & it saddens me that I know of so many others in the last year who have had to go through what I have. I wouldn't wish anyone to feel such pain so I feel that if I am able to help lessen the pain that they have then that is something positive for them. We have to sometimes remind ourselves that just because they are physically gone they are always still there, holding our hand as we walk, the cool summer breeze, the warmth in our heart, the flight of a butterfly, the petals of a sunflower or the colours in a sunset… wherever we want them to be they are and will forever be in our hearts too!

"should you ever feel lovely - 
listen to the roar of the ocean…
for in it are all those who've been & all those who are to come"
- Simon Van Booy

I am sure many of you have see the new preview for the Offspring new season ( i can't wait hehe), with this lovely song accompanying it… so I thought it was fit to share this beautiful song :)

lots of love & light,
Leana xx


  1. This is a beautiful post. Your mom sounds like such a wonderful woman. I'm sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way, dear. ~ ~ ~ ~

  2. This is a beautiful and inspirational post, Leana. Your dear mum sounds like she was such a brave lady and handled her illness with grace. It is wonderful that you are finding some comfort and beauty in the little things to help you cope day by day. Thank you for sharing your story and feelings. Blessings of peace, comfort and strength to you and your family.

    Love and light to you xxx
    ~ Athena

  3. You are a true inspiration! I lost my dad just three months ago and its been hard to find happiness in anything i do. I came across your instagram that lead me to hear and its been my everyday light. You've officially encouraged me to start a blog and i hope i can share the inspiration you've had on me in it! Its people like you we need to have more of in the world. Beautiful!!

    Lots of love and happiness-- Chelsea

  4. I am sooooooooo in love with your blog! Honestly I haven't loved a blog that much for a long long time !
    You made me travel better than Tumblr (which means a lot right?)
    Hug from France and keep making me dream <3
    Paola from

  5. thanks for your pictures is very very nice and good!


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