Saturday 12 April 2014

The Pandeia studio

photographer:  Ashley Camper  ||  location: Kelsi's house & Pandeia studio

follow your inner compass…

It has always been such a pleasure to know Kelsi from Pandeia and be on a journey together with her. I have known her since the beginning of my blog and start of her designs. To see how far she has come and to be able to wear her amazing creations every day is such a magical thing.

And boy oh boy when I saw these incredible shots of her studio and home in Hawaii I was instantly booking a one way ticket and wanting to move straight in haha. I have always been a fan of interior and am forever changing around my room and making it my own inspiring oasis which I love to zone out in. So to see a white on white beach style bohemian lil house it was a dream come true, that of course I must share with you…

It is a wonderful thought to think of the beautiful way of living Kelsi has set in our minds with her compass watches through: following our inner compass. I think a lot of the time we all forget to trust in ourselves and just let things happen as they should knowing we will be ok. I know myself I need to build up more trust in myself and having this reminder on my wrist every day is just what I need.

To purchase your own compass watch head to:

or check out the stockists on there :)

I hope this brings some inspiration to your week, makes you feel excited to change up your own room and even start to build up some more trust in yourself.

Love Leana xx


  1. that sun-mirror is absolutely stunning!

  2. oh my, the home and studio are absolutely stunning! love these pictures! x

  3. Lovely home! I was wondering if she made or where she bought her thick cable knit throw blanket? I noticed it in an older post you did at her home as well, I love it!

  4. Does she need a roommate? Haha, I kid. But this is so breathtakingly gorgeous.


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