Wednesday 20 August 2014

bohémien royale || spell designs S/S look book

.bohemian royale.

photographer: Graham Dunn /  model: Anja Kostantinvoa  /  stylist: Leah Hoffman
HMU: Kali Kennedy /  art direction: Leah Hoffman & Kelley Ash
jewels: vintage & Child of Wild


It is one of my favourite times of the year when everyone launches their new collections & look books are filling up my feed. I instantly feel inspired, but also my bank account suddenly drops hahah.

One of my favourites ones to wait for is the one and only Spell Designs… seeing a sneak peek of the collection whilst on my visit in Byron, makes it even harder to wait for the collection haha. So here I am yet again going through my want list and trying to work out what to buy, butttttt i am sure i am not the only one. I say this every time but my OH MY they just keep getting better. 

It is so beautiful to watch a label grow and develop over the years, and seeing collections unfold, new prints, new textures, new designs forever inspiring all who see them. Spell has something magical about them, putting everyone under their 'spell' but really they have just established themselves as a wonderful label in the industry and we all just love them, what they do and what they represent.

So I am sharing with you all their latest look book today … bohémien royal
I am so in love with all the prints and colours coming out of this collection, and the set reminds me of my own room. Piles of jewellery adorning every corner and bits of pieces around yet placed so carefully for a reason. It is like our own personal gypsy cave, filled with treasures social to us.

I hope this look book brings some inspiration to your week, I know it has for me :D

to shop up on their latest collection head over too:

love leana

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