Friday 8 August 2014

☾✧ .nourish. ✧ ☾ bahgsu jewels look book & interview

Bahgsu Jewels 'nourish' look book 

"nothing can NOURISH the soul but light" - RUMI

'an invitation to retreat into your sacred sanctuary. not to be selfish, but rather to embody full self-preservation. a choice to create healthy boundaries in which you feel free yet secure. this look book was created as a reminder to carve out time for pure nutrients. perhaps this means fresh blue berry smoothies, long desert walks, moonlit yoga or getting lost in a guide to palmistry. there are as many ways as there are souls.'

all jewels in this collection have been blessed and balanced under the full moon energy :: created with the intention of acting as guide to support. to nourish.

photographer: Keith Ketchum // model: Meghan Uruburu // director: Madgi Del Moro 
jewels: Bahgsu Jewels // clothing: Novella Royalle & Free People

Gosh I don't even know where to begin about this beauty, role model, inspiration, teacher, friend, & well the owner of Bahgsu Jewels. This wonderful soul & I connected just after my mum passed around a year and a half ago as I was looking for something to help me heal and connect with my mum. It was the right time for both of us and ever since I am in continuous awe of all she has achieved and how she is able to create such magic with her hands. Each and every jewel I have bought from her has held such a deep connection with me and I have felt the story of where it has come from every time I wear it 
(which is about every day hehe).

Wherever I go, people see my beautiful rings and comment on how extraordinary and unique they are and well that pretty much sums up her too. She is has such a caring, loving and wise soul that warms to anyone she comes across. I haven't had the chance to meet her yet but I am sure that all who are around her adore her energy and vibe just as much as me and agree on everything I have said. I can't thank her enough for opening me up and teaching me all about crystals, something now that is very special and dear to my heart.  She has allowed me to open myself up again to life and helped me find ways to feel my mum around even if she isn't physically here. Thank you :)
I hope you all check out her magical label and read her story below, it is worth it i promise. 
You can follow her jewellery journey on instagram at @bahsgujewels.

.an interview with madgi del moro.

star sign: Pisces
favourite colour: Translucent ocean blue
birth stone: amethyst

Where does the name Bahsgu Jewels originate from? and what is your design philosophy?
The word Bahgsu is an ode to a small village in the Himalayas where I took silversmith classes that shifted my life. The Indian town is spelled with the g and h switched so I created a new word for my brand name which is pronounced bag-sue. This journey, as in most of life's great explorations, opened my heart and mind to the beauty of truly living in the moment. Not allowing past disappointments or future expectations to cloud the gift of now is this special place where my most powerful designs are born. Every design tells a story from a moment that created a space of expansion.

You live between Byron, Bali & California, how does this inspire your designing and what brought you to living so many places?
To be honest, I have not stop exploring the globe for more than a few months over the last decade. This wanderlust is at times an addiction! Which I'm sure some of your readers can relate to. It is a mental space where anything-everything  is possible and that feeling is what being truly alive means to me. And when you are tapped into the juicy place of full gratitude for this excitement of life that is where true creativity thrives.

Do you have a specific crystal that you are drawn too or simply wear everyday? and why do you think that is?
Crystals contain a matrix much more dense than our own. Meaning there vibrational field can transmit, purify and create light energies that benefit our own molecular bodies in beautiful ways. I feel more in tune with nature when adorned in crystals. As far as a specific one, well, that depends on what mood I'm in- sometimes I have them draped over my entire body and sometimes just sleeping with one under my pillow is perfect.

What would be a typical outfit for you? and do you have a favourite crystal?
My favorite crystal.... Wow! Hard question. The crystal that instigated the bahgsu jewels journey and I am drawn to it more repeatedly is Chrysoprase. This bright sea foam green stone has proven to be the gem of new beginnings, bringing subconscious thoughts to consciousness and reminding me to breathe deeply. My typical outfit is usually draped in  soft & thin clothes, my lover always tells me I'm the queen of layers.

What do you do to take time out for yourself or where to travel to to re ground yourself?
Grounding myself is a daily ritual. Through walking, meditation and yoga I find I can settle back into a place of peace & relaxation.
As an entrepreneur I find myself wearing all of the business hats and this paradigm leads to long days and at times obsessive working. Don't take me wrong, I love every second of it but disconnection is blissful as well, so, once a year, normally for around 2-3 weeks I solo journey. This alone time allows for re-connection with my truth and rejuvenation of my spirit.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
Dad always told me "darling, my love, go with the flow"

What does the future hold for Bahgsu Jewels?
The future is full of evolving & constant refining.... Discovering & supporting more small conscious gem mining operations and introducing new & exciting crystals.  Also, look out for  my  latest look book 'NOURISH' to drop (launched now :D). This collection is an invitation to create space for renewal & to slow yourself down.

Bahgsu Jewels Nourish from Keith Ketchum on Vimeo.

I hope you loved this post and it inspired your morning :)
love & light,
leana xx

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