Friday 21 September 2012

Friday inspiration post

photo's are taken from:
oracle fox, gary pepper vintage, spell designs, sugarhighlovestoned, rach pony gold,
 beck rocchi photography, lustforlife,  lifebythesea,
withflowersbehindherear, rawwaves, fashion fever, 

Currently at uni where i am studying a bachelor of fashion design, our brief this semester is dystopia vs. utopia, and i am continually trying to get inspired and design for this collection of 3 bodies;
its quite hard when there are so many amazing blogs and tumblr's out there to distract me!
i have posted a collection of images of scenery, food, holidays, photography, outfits and more that have inspired me lately.
sometimes all you need is a break from your busy life and for me searching through endless photo's helps  like these bring a smile to my face.

also i have been watching the aussie TV series ' Puberty Blues' ,
its so addictive and it is very interesting comparing the life in the 70's to now where fashion, family and culture is so different.
the surfer boys are quite lovely to look at too haha, the 2 main girls are so great to watch as their friendship goes through the typical times of growing up and discovering themselves.

check out these amazing sites above! and i hope i have inspired you all a little on this friday night.
have a lovely weekend!

love leana

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  1. Oh my good I felt in love with the dress with feathers,do you have any idea where is it from??

    Lovely blog by the way


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