Monday 17 September 2012

somewhere over the rainbow...

jacket, jeans, lilac top, 2x necklaces, hand armour, shoes- all Sportsgirl
cream dreamweaver bag- Spell Designs
rings- Sportsgirl, Ishka & Spell designs

SOMEWHERE over the rainbow…skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.

Today’s outfit post came about after my purchase of white jeans from Sportsgirl. I hardly ever wear jeans but after this purchase I am really enjoying them. As a young girl I recall hating jeans and saying “I will never wear jeans ever” to my mum haha, bit it is funny how something like a pair of jeans never goes out of fashion!

Today my cream dreamweaver bag from spell designs arrived in the mail (I swear the postman knows me now haha) and I was so excited by its super soft leather feel and intricate beading on the front- I cannot wait to use this bag! What another killer piece by Spell!

The beautiful pink flowers have bloomed on one of my favourite trees in our family garden, it seemed the perfect backdrop to this dreamlike post.

I thank you all for your support so far in this blogging journey, and I hope you enjoy what has to come :) May all YOUR dreams come true!

Love leana xxxx


  1. Good work on the new blog :-) 3rd pic down the horizontal bone tube bracelet, ive got one exactly like it which I
    Made so many years ago... (in about yr 8) ha... I may have to pull that one back out from hiding

    1. aww thank you :) hahah that one surprisingly it is from diva :| hahah not even real bone, but
      thats pretty cool- u should make some more :) xx

  2. Love it! The jacket looks amazing and I really want that bag!!! =))

    xoxo, Ivana

    1. you are so sweet! thank you darling!
      very cute pics on ur blog too hehe


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