Friday 14 September 2012

you have put a SPELL on me

Spell and the Gyspy collective

The brand was started by sisters elizabeth and isabella whom have a history of great craftsmanship and creative spirit. Their flagship boutique is situated in Byron Bay, Australia where they design and produce clothing, accessories, jewellery and homewards that will transform your wardrobes into a dreamlike space.

I only discovered this amazing brand towards the end of last year and i remember saving up for my very first but not last purchase of the thunderbird singlet in cream. From the very moment i discovered their blog and brand i have continually been inspired, and each of their photo shoots have taken my breath away in the way they are able to capture such beauty in every photo.

Since last year i have been able to purchase a number of pieces which i love to wear and have fun spreading the love of the brand throughout melbourne. Each garment is so beautifully made- allowing us to own a little piece of the brand. The casablanca kimono defiantly being my favourite piece- it's colour/ pattern, soft fabric, secret lace details and the story behind the design makes it the perfect layer to any outfit.

I am so excited to be travelling to Byron bay end of year where i will visit the store ( hopefully be doing work experience too yay) and meet the amazing girls who have provided me with endless customer service over and over. I can't wait to have the lucky opportunity to walk in the shoes of these girls and experience first hand where all the ideas are born.

I highly recommend you check this brand out and from the bottom of my heart i thank all the girls for giving me such inspiration in life and pieces to help me express my style in so many ways.

Here is one of my favourite quotes by Lizzy about their freedom in solitude shoot & video:

You can be traveling around the world, spreading your wings in spontaneous moments of freedom, being a total gypsy, but on rare occasions, when you’re home, alone in the familiar surroundings of your  home, you can experience a freedom that is something really magical and other worldly,” Elizabeth says."


  1. Congrats on your blog! Super excited to follow and enjoy its growth x

    1. thank you heaps! it's very exciting to join the blogging world, thanks for your support !

  2. I love Spell I have made my first purchase the Dreamweaver bag I can't wait for it to arrive. Your blog is beautiful btw xoxo

  3. Hiya! Have you ever thought, have your writting skills improved lately?

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