Sunday 21 October 2012

'Desert island'- my ultimate SPELL summer wardrobe

These are my favourite takes from the shoot:
all photos taken from Spell Designs

So i am completely speechless at this new Spell spring/summer 12/13 named 'desert island'...
i started to create a wish list for it: 
  • shell skirt
  • long white maxi
  • shell bra 
AND then i found myself basically writing basically every single piece from the photo shoot so there was no point in a list haha

These are some of the most beautiful inspiring photo's and i swear they designed that skirt for me haha it is SO perfect and i cannot wait to rock that out with a few more shells necklaces and rings etc.  you can purchase the latest collection HERE. And to think there is another photo  shoot on it's way, what could be next? all i can say is...

Yet again Spell has done it again :P

The team at Spell has been such a great support for my blog and a big encourgament for me to persist in what i love to do. i have been ever so lucky to receive this and wouldn't have got here without them. i am super excited to make my way to Byron Bay in these summer holidays... it is definitely my calling to go there haha i have so many places, stores and people i would like to meet & visit there, and a week work experience with spell is on the agenda too :) starting my third and final year at uni next year i will need all the inspiration i can get.

Lucky enough they had some time in their super busy schedule to answer some questions about their new range and life at Spell HQ...
(answers by Lizzy)

How did Spell Designs begin? and what is it like working alongside your sister?

Spelly started making jewellery out of her walk in wardrobe and selling it at the local markets. When I moved up to Byron we went into business together and it was like 'click!' something just worked! We work so well together - me having a bit more of a business brain and her a creative one.

What was it like growing up with such creative minds surrounding you, such as your parents? 

Our family always put a lot more emphasis on 'achieving' in creative fields than on overtly academic ones - as a result our imaginations flourished. Oh my goodness the silly games we made up - I think we believed we were mermaids for about 6 months at one point!! But that imaginative streak has carried through into Spell and we tap into it every day.

What was the idea and inspiration behind your latest collection 'desert island'? 

We don't really have a name for this collection - it's so varied... I guess we should think of one right? But our first Summer shoot "Desert Island" came from a vision Spelly had really - we wanted to capture the romantic dream of being stranded on a desert island... of course in reality it isn't a very romantic notion - but in Spell reality it's all magnificent shells, rope, crochet and turquoise haha ; )

What is it that gets you out of bed and into the office each day? what top 3 tips do you have for aspiring designers? 

What gets us out of bed is a love of creating! But the team that surrounds us at Spell HQ make it an incredible place to work! Both Nathalie and Olivia found us out of incredible series of serendipitous events and Spell couldn't function without them! And now we have Mae as well, it's a real little family and we all have so much fun together every day!

And our tips for aspiring designers - 1. develop your aesthetic and map it out in the form of a blog (a wonderful way to create a following and network with other creative, like minded people) 2. Start small and sell your creations at your local markets, a great way to get to know your target market. 3. Travel overseas while designing, get out of your bubble.

What has been the best moment/memory that has happened in this time of Spell Designs? 

There have been a few, and I feel so silly saying that one of them was having Sienna Miller wear our designs all those years ago! She was one of our first style muses so that was so exciting! But lately the best thing is being able to have a team of wonderful employees that are really feel like family, and doing photo shoots with our other sister Luciana who's a make up artist and my fiance who's a photographer. It's a dream come true!

Lastly what do you wish for the future of Spell Designs? where will Spell be in the new few years?

Oh this is always the hardest question for us because really we just focus on the now - and I know that's not good for business... so the future? Let's just say our imaginations are the limit, and they feel limitless!

i'm asking all of you now :D
what is your favourite piece from the collection?

lots of love,


  1. Leana!! what a gorgeous feature!! wow! Thank you so much for featuring Desert Island on CL&L!! And how was that flat lay on insta today?!! I seriously think you have the biggest collection of Spell in history! I love it! XX

    big love! & thanks for inspiring us right back! x Lizzy & Spell

    1. im glad you liked it :) was all your wonderful pictures that made it what it is of course though!
      hahah yes was a struggle fit it all in a square, all the missing was the new throw :D

      no problems, pleasure is mine :D lots love your way too xxxx

  2. Amazing shoot, the pictures are so beautiful !!

  3. fully obsessed with the spell photos and new collection. your blog highlights them so well!!! thanks for sharing with us :)

    1. no problems, I'm so glad you liked it :) is always nice get some insights into brands i reckon, feel connected in a nice way :D
      love leana xxxx

  4. Great interview and great blog xxx

    1. thank you :D for your lovely words! I'm am so appreciative of your feedback :) xoxoxo


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