Monday 29 October 2012


photo's taken from Buffalo girl & Spell designs

I am sorry i haven't been blogging as much, i have 3 weeks left at uni and am very busy constructing my collection and finishing assignments (due so soon haha)...

But when i came across these breath taking photographs from the release of Angus Stone's new video clip 'Monsters' i just had to repost... this is the exact inspiration i needed to finish my collection and inspire me in my own styling of garments and models.

The headpieces, make up, garments and all are just so perfectly put together and i wish i owned every piece... you can purchase some of the headpieces and jewellery used at 
Buffalo girl HERE and Spell designs HERE! (there is also a wonderful interview with the director on spells blog)

below is the video clip of his new song 'Monsters', the perfect song to listen on a beautiful sunny day like today...

lots of love,
leana xxxx

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