Wednesday 10 October 2012

follow your inner compass- PANDEIA

The other week i came across this wonderful brand- PANDEIA. 
After being on the search for a watch for a while now, after seeing this  magical compass watch design, i knew this was perfect for me. i have ordered mine just the other day and i can't wait to receive it! It will be treasured so much after reading Kelsi's wonderful and inspirational story behind the brand.

Kelsi has such a beautiful soul and i would have to say this is the best interview answers i have seen to date- for me aspiring to be a designer- her words of wisdom and story so far are exactly the reason why i choose to persist through hours of designing, sewing and creating for uni. This interview has reminded me why i want to enter this fashion industry and how rewarding it can be.

this is defiantly an interview not to miss and i think you should all get your inner compass pointing towards buying one of her watch's- you won't regret it!

you can check out her website HERE, and her Facebook HERE,
her instagram at @pandeia is also a beautiful sight full of inspirational images and her tropical location that i am very jealous over :P

its been a busy week for me, and this is the breath of fresh air I've needed:

Where does the name Pandeia originate from? What does it mean to you?

The name Pandeia is the name of a greek goddess. Pandeia was the personification of brightness (the sun) and daughter of Zeus. She was presumably the goddess of the full moon and her beauty was renowned among the gods.
I thought this was the perfect name because with out the sun the Pandeia compass sundial watch would not work! It also sounds strong and old-world, and that is the vibe of Pandeia.

Where did the idea for a compass watch come from? Have you always wanted to design accessories?
The idea for the compass watch began on one of my regular thrift/antique store "treasure hunts". I found an antique compass sundial and drilled leather straps into it so I could wear it as a watch. Everywhere I went people asked about it. I tried to find more compasses to drill into so I could make the watch for friends, but i broke them all in the process. Thats when I realized I needed to design a compass sundial watch that has brackets on the sides to hold leather straps, as does a watch. Over 2 years of thought and creation, Pandeia was born!

What has it been like growing up in Wisconsin and living later in Maui? Does this influence your designs?
Growing up in Wisconsin, and later living in Maui totally influences my design. More in particular, the family that I was born into influenced me early on into the realm of art. Every member of my family is very creative and has their own form of art. Growing up very close with my older brother, a talented musician, he showed me the ropes in expressing yourself artisctically and being proud of it. My family always encouraged us to be different. Why be "normal" when you can be yourself? (Becoming a "normie" is probably one of my biggest, unrealistic fears. Ha! ) Adopting this attitude and running with it led me many places before ending up on Maui and creating Pandeia. I started my career as an Interior Designer which helped me refine my design skills and discover the world of business. Throughout my 3 years as a designer I would take off every summer and travel the country, festival to festival, forest to forest, in search of the next adventure. I would grab my best friend and we would convert my car into our traveling "home". I loved not knowing what State I was in when I woke up. Through these travels, and sense of adventure, the free spirit of Pandeia was born. I even say in the "about" pandeia, "exploration and adventure have given rise to this wearable reminder that the time is now" and thats so true!

What do you get inspired by?

I get inspired by absolutely every thing i see, wether I am conscious of it or not. For example, the idea to stamp the number of each watch on a brass tag came to me one day at the Post Office, while I was looking at the numbers engraved on my mail key. I am also crazily influenced my nature, hence living in a jungle shack on Maui! I would have it no other way. Every morning I wake up to what sounds like the magical kingdom of birds, and the occasional crazy rooster, at my doorstep. Looking out at the tree tops at my feet, and ocean on the horizon, it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel part of it all.

What do you consider your fashion style like? What are your 3 favourite brands?

I would consider my fashion style very eclectic. If i had to put a term on it, I would say its beachy surfer meets boho meets tomboy. Im usually wearing something that I scored at a thrift store mixed with something I spent $300 on… I like a strange mix. If you were to run into me on the street i'd most likely be wearing a Pandeia watch, some sort of leather boots, cut off jean shorts, a vintage tee shirt, big hair, tons of gold layered necklaces, and illegal smiles :) When I take my jewelry off at the end of the day I have a pile. And a lovely pile at that! My three favorite brands are For love and Lemons, Spell, and Sugarhigh + Lovestoned.

What are your three top tips for aspiring designers out there? Do you have any quotes you live by?

My tips for aspiring designers is 1. Go for it!! But go big or go home. Give it your all. This industry is really all or nothing. 
2. Network!! Contacting and collaborating with other designers, photographers etc. is not only rewarding but will help you get your name out. Its also so fun to see the spin other people put on your product. Get out there!
3. Prepare yourself to take criticism and rejection. Don't take anything personally. Its just business :) Wear your smile and keep on trucking!


What do you see for the future of your brand? Where would you like to see it go?

Where I would like Pandeia to end up is on the arm of every person that really wants one. Pandeia to me is more than just a line I created. Its something that I put so much of my time and thought into that its like purchasing a piece of my soul. :) I am a very social person, and for me people make this life worth living. After all, people are the best part of Nature!! Pandeia is a way to be part of others experience that I would not have met otherwise. Its my way to share what I think is important… Live free, work with nature, and dare to explore and adventure. 

i hope you are all having a wonderful week wherever you are in the world
thank you all for your continued support!

lots of love,

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