Saturday 13 October 2012

saturday inspiration- lights will guide you home

all photos taken from my favorite blogs:
Angelica Blick, Spell Designs, Sugarhigh Lovestoned,
Tusk Collective, Hope and May store, life by the sea
raw waves 
It has been yet another busy week in the life of coconut, lemon and lime haha
but i have still found time to be inspired and i recently rediscovered Angelica Blick's blog and
ended up spending hours looking at her amazingly styled photographs and weekly events,
It's wonderful to see her versatility in brands from all over the world including Aussie Spell Designs.

i have really enjoyed the last month blogging for you all, and i can't thank you enough for your ongoing support and inspiration to keep going. 

Currently am about to start toiling and making my 2nd semester collection for university.
The theme is Dystopia and designing 3 bodies around the colour scheme of creams, white and beige- a typical me collection ( there may be some shells and feathers in it too :P)
i can't wait to share my designs with you in about 6 weeks.

below is Lisa Mitchell's song- bless this mess
her new album came out on friday and i am completely in love with it
check it out :)

hope you all have a wonderful week and hopefully there is some sunshine too :)

love leana

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