Friday 19 October 2012

saturday inspiration- be calm

All photos taken from my favourite blogs & tumblrs:
Spell Designs, Hope and May, angelica blick, carly zinga photography,
life by the sea, raw waves, with flowers behind her ear, 5 inch and up
so this week has been quite busy and i have realised that with 4 weeks left of uni and so much to do, i need to be a little more CALM.

I'm trying to stay positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel aka SUMMER HOLIDAYS hehe :)

Today i enjoyed the sunshine and then got completely blown away with the sneak peek into Spell Designs new spring/summer collection lookbook... found myself jumping up and down with joy in excitement and glad i have been saving ahahh.

lucky enough i have a special little interview with them coming up on my blog in next few days which will go perfectly with the release of their lookbook.

i have needed that little bit of inspiration and i think we all do just to get through our last few weeks of whether it is uni assignments, exams or finishing year 12. so here is a bundle of this weeks inspiration for me and i shall now get back to my own homework.... :P

hope you all are having a wonderful weekend,

love leana 

4 away from 100 hehe come on guys :)

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