Monday 15 October 2012

a collaboration between friends- TUSK



     'C'est La Moon' silver/gold earrings
all photos are from TUSK website, facebook and pintrest
It was so incredibly fortunate and nothing less of special that I came across this emerging brand
Their elegant, boho luxe, free spirited brand has made me step back and think... that is the type of brand I hope to be like in the future. I think it is fascinating their exclusive collections including not only apparel but jewellery, accessories and now home wares. It is beyond magical the way in which they present themselves and the inspirational story that got them to where they are today.
There is nothing like a collaboration between friends and Tusk is a true example of how creative minds can come together and create true magic- whether it’s the charming ‘high quill dress’, the custom designed crochet ‘ivory shadow blanket’ or the delicate silver & gold ‘c’est la moon’ earrings; every single piece is so versatile to become a part of every single persons wardrobe at some point in time. I just love having a little insight into their brand on instagram and getting a sneak peek into future collections; an motivation for me to persist in what I do.
It was just so very lovely to have the chance to interview Julia & Jaime to learn a bit more about the brand, their style and where Tusk will go in the future.
Have a little read and I am sure like me you will want to own a piece of TUSK- a way in which to travel far away into your dreams.

How did the brand begin? What is it like working alongside a good friend?

Tusk began on a crazy sun-bleached holiday, drifting around the tropics with friends. Working on Tusk together is an amazing way to creatively come up with a collaborative outcome, for every aspect of the brand. Business meetings are definitely an excuse to hang out, so it can't have affected our friendship too much!

Where do you gather your inspiration from? Do you follow a design process to getting to designing your exclusive pieces?

Inspiration comes from daily rituals. Sunshine, caffeine, biographies, Donovan and flowers in every room.
Our design process is a little unconventional, but it seems to be working for us!

We might be at a BBQ on a mild Friday dusk, outside relaxing and listening to Hendrix, when a vision of the perfect tassled sandals - needed for that evening - will pop into one of our heads. Soon followed by a quick sketch, so as not to lose the moment.

I love the idea of having a certain amount of products each collection and a variety such as accessories, home wares, clothing...Where did this idea come from?
We design a few quality pieces comprising of everything we love at the time, resulting in a capsule collection of what we like to call 'exotic essentials'.
The idea started after trawling through incredible collections searching for the one item to spend our money on.
Designing across many platforms also gives us a lot of creative freedom, which we both needed in our lives.

Have you both always wanted to be designers? What are your top 3 tips for aspiring designers out there?

We're both naturally creative so have always been aiming down that path, gaining fashion and design experience along the way.
Aspiring designers - We have found creativity to be our freedom. Live in the ocean and under the stars - and travel, even if it's only in your dreams.

Who are your style icons and why?

JULIA: Christine Centenera, Young Stevie, Talitha Getty, Francoise Hardy, Anita Pallenburg
JAIME: Gwen Stefani (Always amazing), Johnny Cash (I wear a lot of black) & Vada Sultenfuss (My Girl taught me all I know).

What do you see for the future of Tusk? Where would you like to see your brand go?
The future of Tusk will no doubt travel in many directions, but we're excited for the ride, and surprises along the way.

Follow them on INSTAGRAM at @tuskcollective
Their website:
follow them on FACEBOOK here & PINTREST here

Love Leana
 Here is their latest collection video:


  1. I cannot tell you how many of your posts i've read then marked as unread so i can come back again and read them. I wish your blog was a magazine i could carry around with me. love it.
    xx Tanya

    1. hey tanya,
      awww i can't thank you enough for all your kind words on my blog...
      i always see you commenting and it is so lovely to know i inspire you in that way!
      i have been super busy with uni so in 3 weeks there will be much more blogging, in the mean time lots more interviews on the way eheheh and of course my own collection be up soon :D
      thank you for reading, much love xxxx


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