Friday 23 November 2012

creamy swirl of shells & travels- saturday inspiration

all photos taken from my favourite blogs and tumblrs:
coconut and lavendar, spell designs, tusk collective, dreamcatchers,
5 inch and up, honeypielivingetc, desmond the label


So i can say that after monday i am officially on HOLIDAYS!
to finish and hopefully pass second year is so exciting and also the opportunity to have a little break and enjoy the summer amongst friends, family, fashion and flowers.
As always i am inspired by so many other people and having another shell and cream inspiration day although we all know that is EVERYDAY hehe :)

I am also so excited to receive my wonderful WILD AND FREE boots custom made espeically for me with shells, crochet and aren't they just divine...

they will be arriving in the next two weeks hopefully.... and if i must say ... this may have something to do with my upcoming GIVEAWAY ;)
you can purchase/ order your own boots HERE!

i always sooo incredibly excited to finally start booking my trip to byron bay with my best friend jess!

at the end of last year Spell blogged about a girl doing work experience at their store and these photos were the very ones to make me think.. i would like to do that too, so i will be doing work experience for a week with Spell designs while i am up in byron bay too!

i hope these photos inspire you a little and make you want to try something new this summer, or take on an opportunity, or plan a trip you have been considering! 
as they say 'you only live once'!

lots of love,
leana xxxxx


  1. That's so awesome that you are doing work experience there! Cant wait to hear about it.
    xx Tanya
    online store opening soon.

  2. You always manage to inspire me. I love your style!

  3. You are so inspiring. Earth is lucky to have visionaries like yourself. <3


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