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a true mermaid- GOLDFISH KISS


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I envy her endless jewellery collection, i want to own all her bikini's, i wish i could draw like her, i hope to be as good as her at nail art one day, i dream of living by the beach one day like her... who else but the bikini lover, sun kissed beauty herself- Rebekah Steen of GOLDFISH KISS. 

Her website/ blog is a true inspiration to every person who comes by it, it has everything you can imagine... DIY'S like updating your bathers or making headbands, exercise tips with her own personal videos to help, beauty tips, inspirational images she finds, her own illustrations which are amazing and very much show off her beautiful aesthetic, and also her day to day posts of her wonderful life living in her bathers, surfing the waves in HAWAII.

I was so happy to come across her site and am forever saving images that inspire me- which is nearly every one haha... i was so lucky to get to have a little interview with her to find out some tips, a little more about her life and where she is going...

you can check out her site HERE at
and follow her hawaii adventures in instagram @goldfish_kiss

Where did the name 'Goldfish Kiss' name originate from? why this as your blog name?

The very first bikini I ever owned, the top was two goldfish kissing (just like the logo). It was super cute, and makes for an easy to remember name, with a meaning, for the site.
Where did the idea of your blog come from? where does your biggest source of inspiration come from?

I never really planned it! I randomly started it one night at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Diamond Head. I started writing and posting (and painting again) as a creative outlet, then it's been evolving ever since.

 I really am inspired by Hawaii (yeah, I gotta admit, I'm spoiled, because it's GORGEOUS), and the lifestyle out here (I really do live in a bikini). It is truly remarkable.  A good early morning surf or day at the beach can give me material that lasts a while.

Where is your favourite holidays destination?

I LOVE going to Kauai. My family goes for 2 weeks every year, then my husband and I go over for the 4th of July and paddle around Hanalei Bay. I love that island so much. I have some major Wanderlust going on thought right now, so I'm hoping to go explore the south pacific (praying for Tahiti or Fiji sometime soon) Thailand, or some other places in Southeast Asia, and hopefully South Africa. I seriously need to start saving up on those frequent flier miles.

 I did however live in the South of France (Aix-en-Provence) for 6 months and went to art school. The Provence region is unreal. I absolutely loved it there too.

What is your all time favourite bikini that you own and why?
Ahh this is so hard!! I just got this new Ola Feroz bikini that is amazing. It's called the SeƱorita - and it's quite possibly the best fitting, most flattering stays put even when surfing bikini ever. It makes me look like I have boobs, has a ruched butt so it makes your butt look awesome, but then has lace up ties on the front and back of the top, and sides of the bottoms so you can tighten it for surfing, and loosen when you are just hanging out. It sounds complicated, but it's a super simple cute bikini.

..and I love me some fringe. My L*Space Hudrey Halter is great for when I'm feeling festive.

What are your top 3 tips in choosing the perfect bikini for summer?

1: Don't be scared of smaller/more revealing bikini bottoms. Smaller bottoms are waaaayyy more flattering. So show a l'il cheek. And ruche it baby. Ruche it.
2: Feel the bikini first. Amazing fabric does wonders for how you look and feel in a bikini. If it feels soft as butter, it will look amazing on.
3: Mix and Match. Have fun mixing prints, solids, stripes, polka dots, neons, whatever. (I rarely see anyone in matching tops and bottoms in Hawaii). Plus you can have fun making a bikini out of separates in the sale bin and save some money :)
What would you consider your style to be like? who is your style icon?
I am so simple it's crazy. I definitely choose comfort and making sure it flatters me over trends and designers. So I'm simply comfy, less is more, chic...with a hint of beach. I love throwing some aloha print, or a touch of neon in the mix, anytime I can.

I love love loooove Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz's style. They are my muses :) 

Where would you like to see 'Goldfish Kiss' go from here? what do you wish to achive in the future?
I really need to figure this part out...

1: I know I definitely want to publish a book. It might end up feeling like a journal/scrapbook/melange of artwork, photography, writing, etc, pretty much the blog in a coffee table book. But cooler.

2: I'd love to get a gig being a contributor/columnist for a magazine. Not necessarily all workout or diet tips, but lifestyle, perspective, body image, finding the right bikini, etc.

3: I'm trying not to stress about it, and keep on having fun with the site, making a positive impact on readers and companies I help, and see where it takes me!

One of my favourite quotes from her site:

I hope this interview has inspired you to go out and buy a new bikini, take a trip to the beach, and enjopy your summer holidays! 

lots of love,
leana xxxxx


  1. Hi beautiful flower!
    I just came across your blog, and girl..I'm in love. So good to find a boho sister with such a great vibe and amazing style. I am definitely following and stopping by many many times. Also loved Rebekah's blog... I feel like today is my lucky day!

    Peace & Love

    1. hello lovely :)
      thank you so much for your lovely words :) i appreciate it so much!
      yes goldfish kiss is so amazing- makes you want summer 24/7 haha
      love leana xxx

  2. Goldfish Kiss is such a great blog. I've never stumbled upon that quote of her's before but I'm saving it! Pinning it!


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