Thursday 6 December 2012

desert heat- elephants, hawaiian prints & a splash of Billabong

desert heat

flat lay details:
pride lands dress- Minkpink
white fringe top- Somedays Lovin
bikini & crochet shorts- Billabong
tassel bag- Spell Designs
shoes- Sportsgirl
compass watch- Pandeia
jewellery- Lovisa, Sportsgirl Moonshine bay, House of Harlow

I went on a shopping trip the other day to Chadstone and was to hunt down the amazing Minkpink pride of lands dress- and it was meant to be... the very last store i went too had one left in my size- could not resist and i am still keen to get the maxi version too haha- i just love the elephants
you can get your own at

I was so incredibly excited to receive an email from the wonderful Billabong Girls Australia wanting to collaborate. I was so excited i was on the edge of my seat and nearly in tears haha- it just means so much to me that i am inspiring others and people are enjoying everything i do. That is all i want and it is so rewarding to be on the journey with brands like Billabong. I recieved some beautiful pieces that will be featuring in an upcoming shoot and i think they will be worn out through summer. They couldn't have picked better pieces for me- so A BIG THANK YOU to Billabong girls :D

Here is my little parcel of goodies ft the CLEO + Billabong range.

Here is photos from their amazing lookbook- you can purchase your own pieces at:

While researching through Billabong Australia website i came across these gorgeous illustrations by surfer Felicity Palmateer.
 I just  love all the colours used in them, reminds me of the sun setting on the water.
I am a big fan of watercolours myself so this really inspired me so start trying them out again. The use of whales too is so beautiful. I just love these and had to share them with you.
you can check out a insightful interview with her about her creations, how she makes them and also a link to her inspiring story growing up surfing HERE.

I hope this has inspired you a little, i know i have been daydreaming about a holiday away after this post hehe.

lots of love,
Leana xxxx


  1. Wooow! Lovely

  2. Amazing! You have such a great taste and I love your "flat-lays".. always so pretty.
    Congrats on your new partnership, I know that feeling and it's awesome. Keep it up flower :)

    Peace & Love

  3. Love those orange suits! I am jealous that you are just starting your summer, the winter doom is settling in over in the US. Congrats on teaming up with Billabong!


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