Saturday 8 December 2012

zodiac, jewels & yoga- saturday inspiration

photo's taken from my favourite blogs & tumblrs:
pony gold, free people, coconut & lavender, mania mania,
wings hawaii, wildfox, the wild unknown
After discovering 'The wild unknown tarot cards' & taking photo's in my new SH+LS clothes i can't seem to tear my eyes away from looking up about astrology and finding cute poster's and signs i want in my room. i am so intrigued by it all and cannot wait to purchase my own tarot cards- the drawings are just divine. 

i have also been obsessing over yoga- as i wish to start very soon and i have an amazing girl on instagram @gypsetgoddess who takes these insane yoga poses and it is just amazing!I am so inspired by her and i seriously hope to be like that one day- you need to check her out. 

I also found the cutest idea for 2013- start with a jar and as good things happen write them on a note and put them in- on new years eve read them and see what awesome stuff happened that year; what a lovely idea, i might just try that :D

I hope you are all as inspired as i am now! and hopefully the christmas tree is making it's way out very soon & you haven't eaten the whole chocolate advent calendar yet haha.

lots of love,
Leana xxxx


  1. How cute is that jar idea :)

  2. amazing photos! so insprirational.

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  3. Hi Lovely,
    Thanks for the feature! Love your blog. :-)

    -Gypset Goddess

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