Tuesday 18 December 2012

summer essentials, ideas and love from Soliel Blue

All photo's are ft the amazing GOLDFISH KISS- Rebekah Steen
clothing by Soliel Blue
I have become such a big fan of online shopping lately and to come across 'Soleil Blue' was my lucky day. Stocking some of my new favourite labels and now introducing their own line. 
visit her website at: www.soleilblue.com

Here is a little about this amazing label:

"Soleil Blue was created from my love of travel, beaches and all things ocean! I want our customers to know that they can always find the latest, most beautiful travel and resort wear at Soleilblue.com. I am so inspired by all of the talented designers I carry. I love that so many of them are owned by strong creative women. I think that's so amazing! I also have a section of the site called Travel, where I have some exciting guest editors who will be writing about some really beautiful and exotic travels. I am hoping Soleil Blue will inspire people to go on vacation, explore and immerse themselves in different cultures. The Gypset lifestyle really epitomizes my inspiration for Soleil Blue."

I decided to create some Soleil Blue inspired outfits for both day and night to help you see how amazing her new collection is and what great things you can wear with it....

Polyvore details:
Skirt- Soliel Blue   /  Necklaces- Frasier Sterling   /  Bag- Neon Indian
Bathers- Zimmermann  /  Shoes- Kustom  /  Drawing- Rachael Urquhart
Towel- Billabong  /  Coconut oil- Le Tan  /  Salt Hair spray- Fudge

Polyvore details:
Tunic- Soliel Blue  /  Moon Necklace- Jane Pope ( soleil blue)  /  Shell necklace- Long lost jewellery
Boots- Spell designs  /  Belt- Indy C /  Bag- Spell designs
Ring- Mania Mania  /  Nail polish- Nars  /  Coconut Mist- The Body shop

Laura, owner and creator of Soleil blue gives us a little insight into the ideas and inspirations behind her new line:

"The Soleil Blue line has been a dream of mine for a long time now. I just love the vintage cotton gauze with crochet trim pieces from the sixties. That's my inspiration. I have a number of beautiful new pieces coming for summer that I am really excited about.The more you wash and wear our items the softer they get. They are so perfect for the beach and easy to wear. The Rosemary skirt has had such a tremendous response. My customers are really loving the neon colors. The Marilyn tunic is just so cool and easy. It has this 60's vibe that I really love. Actually, my first two pieces the Rosemary skirt and the Marilyn tunic were named after my two Grandmothers. Both were amazingly strong and inspirational women who always encouraged me in everything I did. I wish they were here today to see. I think they would be proud. I recently made the line available for wholesale and it's had an amazing response!"

I wonder if you are feeling like day dreaming off to a tropical haven like me hehe... so dreamy and i wish i could own the polyvore sets myself!

lots of love
Leana xxxx

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