Thursday 20 December 2012

summer haze- friday inspiration

all photo's taken from my favourite blogs & tumblrs:
Spell Designs, Villa Styling, PFYT jewellery, Pony Gold, Goldfish Kiss
Free People, Sarah Loven, Billabong, kisforkani, Tallow Gallery
After having a very christmas inspiration post last week i am back to what i love best haha, shells, beaches, sun kissed beauty & lots of jewellery. For Australia, it is getting much warmer and i am loving all my goodies to start wearing now.

I am sure you are all on your last day of work before your christmas break, i wish you all a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and i hope that santa will spoil you hehe. You all deserve happy holidays and a a lovely christmas to celebrate with family and friends. 

Below is a special video of Matt Corby performing 'Amazing grace', i thought this was perfect little song to get you into the festive spirit and have some time to reflect on the year that has been.

Eat lots of food & enjoy christmas.

Lots of love,

Leana xxxx


  1. Amazing summer pics!

  2. Lovely pics! Oh summer can you come any faster?!It's cold here in Florida and I don't like it very much. That's the reason why I live here, it's hot year round lol Have fun and enjoy the sun.

    Peace & Love

  3. amazing post! merry christmas!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  4. I really like your inspirations and blog
    You have such a nice style! Loved it!!!

    I really wish to be in summer now when I look at your pictures! :)


    Sophie from


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