Monday 10 December 2012

summer is finally here with Arnhem

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Iconic and breath taking prints, free spirited and bohemian feel, friendly and welcoming manner; who else but ARNHEM the label.

It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with these amazing designers and I felt it was about time we got a little insight into their feminine yet playful brand. They are situated in Byron bay ( the best place of course :p) and have recently opened a store to where you can try on all these amazing pieces & with the release of their latest summer pieces this is the store you need to road trip too this summer. A kimono is an essential for every season i'd say and Arnhem have the most beautiful collection of hand made, screen printed with love kimonos. 

Arnhem has been apart of my blogging journey the whole way and have been such a great support; i couldn't be happier to share with you this interview and i hope you feel as inspired as i am by them. You can follow their behind the scenes photo's and inspiration photos on instagram @arnhem_clothing.

they have also just released some beautiful jewellery which you can see below...

They have a giveaway going on at the moment with Wild & Free Jewellery and you can check out the details HERE... quick it closes the 15th of Decemeber :)

How did the label start out? Was this always a dream of yours?
The Label started with selling one off reworked vintage pieces at the Byron Markets. As the demand for Arnhem grew I did my first collection off shore.
I started experimenting with fabric design and came up with my own screen prints. I continue to base all my collections around these signature prints. I take pride in the fact that every piece is slightly unique due to them being hand made and hand screen-printed. All designs are done is small quantities so nothing is mass-produced, I love that Arnhem still has that one off feel.
Yes owning my own label has always been a dream, what girl doesn’t dream of having an endless supply of clothing. My mum had her own label while I was growing up, I use to help her tie-dye and paint rainbow clothing at the age of 4, so I think I was destined for it.
Living in the inspirational and beautiful Byron Bay, has there been certain experience in life, travels or people that have influenced your designs? Has this been a big source of inspiration for you?
I have lived in Byron for over 10 years now there are so many beautiful places, and people here.
But I would have to say my main influence and inspiration comes form my up bringing. Growing up with gypsy parents I spent most of my life in a natural environment. I was home schooled; the first 15 years of my life I spent travelling with my 3 siblings and hippie parents around the world and Australia.
When we lived in Australia we camped in tipis with no electricity or hot water. Moving around from communities to festivals, my life was full of colour and beauty. I was surround by Creative free spirited people, which had a massive influence on me as a person and a designer.
The fashion industry can be quite tough to make your way into- what top 3 tips do you have for aspiring designers out there? What has helped you get to where you are?
I think you need to be patient, everything in life takes time, you can’t expect success over night, I've worked damn hard to get this far. You want your business to have strong roots otherwise it will never last.
Your beautiful screen-printed florals, animals and tribal prints have become quite your signature look, where does the design process begin for you? How do you get from one idea to a beautiful kimono?
I design the prints in photo shop; play around with different colour ways etc..I then get screens made up for my designs this costs a lot of money and takes time.Once the screens are complete we start swatch samples. It takes a long time to get them perfect and I am always running behind schedule because of printing.
Do you have a favourite piece out of everything you have designed; if so what is it and why?
I Love the kamisha Kimono In Sahara, stunning simple print that goes with everything.
Where would you like to see Arnhem go from here? What does the future hold? 
I hope to expand the label to more international store; this way more beautiful people can wear Arnhem.
i hope you are all having a great start to your week. MY GIVEAWAY WILL START TOMORROW so keep an eye out :)

lots of love,
Leana xxxx


  1. Love this style!

  2. I love these interviews that you do so so much! I'm starting a label and its fantastic to read these stories. Thankyou :)


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