Monday 3 December 2012

the moon vs. the sun


outfit details:
Sugarhigh + Lovestoned moon child fringe tank
Topshop Galaxy leggings
Spell designs crystal necklace & crystal hand armour & rings
Sportsgrl shoes & horn necklace
Tara Wolf jewellery taurus bracelet


outfit details:
Sugarhigh + Lovestoned moon child fringe tank & love the earth slouchy tee
Spell designs hanalei shell skirt & cyrstal necklace worn as headpiece
Sportsgirl shoes & necklace
Pandeia compass watch

As you would be aware from my latest interview with SUGARHIGH + LOVESTONED, they create some truly magical pieces; i was lucky enough to be gifted some pieces to shoot for you guys. 
you can purchase your own pieces HERE.

I have become fascinated with astrology lately and since the release of 'The wild unknown's tarot deck' ( it is on my wish list) and my recent taurus bracelet gift from Tara Wolf Jewellery i have been searching and intrigued by everything relating to it. so this was the inspiration behind my latest shoot ft. SH+LS.... connecting the moon and the sun and it worked perfectly trying to fit my style into their pieces this way.

I have learnt that being a Taurus girl that i am to be considered "down to earth, practical and very productive. That they only allow other to get as close as they want them to be, they are stubborn by nature, but are loyal and faithful friends. taureans are slow to chance and appreciate a steady, constant routine in life" (tara wolf)... interesting hehe

i am also planning to finally try out a yoga class with my fellow instagram gal @gypsy_wandering, i need something to be a stress relief and again have found stories of women doing it so inspirational; as 2012 draws to an end slowly, i think i would love a great start to 2013.

"always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars"

love leana xxxxx


  1. OMG you are so damn cute!! Love these + LOVE the palm art on your paw! Thank you for sharing the love babe! hugs, kisses, love+light

    1. yayayay i am so glad you liked them :) and yessss as i said i have been so intrigued by all this astrology lately and i thought this could be cool for a shoot in of course your designs !!!!! no problems i had a lot of fun doing it - as you can see ended uo with heaps i think i took about 500 in the first moon part HAHAHA :P love to you xxxxx

  2. Love both looks.. but specially the second one. That skirt is gorgeoussss <3 <3 <3
    Peace & Love


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