Sunday 2 December 2012

For the dreamers, lovers & barefoot wanderers - SUGARHIGH + LOVESTONED

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 I think we all want to imagine ( /own ourselves) what the wardrobes of the designers behind this weeks interview with SUGARHIGH + LOVESTONED are like...

velvets, flairs, crystals, kimonos, jeans shorts, tassels, vintage pieces and i am sure this is just the beginning for Ginny and Chloe the designers!There is never a loss of inspiration with these girls- their blog, instagram and Facebook are endless flows of inspiration for me and not to mention the weekly astrology report which is a favourite of mine to read :)

The free spirit nature they live by and the open hearted, friendly manner they have is captured in all their photographs and the manner in which they present themselves as a brand and individuals. Their amazing clothing pieces are a stand out in any wardrobe and is something for "dreamers, lovers, barefoot wanderers, star gazers, sunrise watchers, hitchhikers, stoners + wild ones."

- i couldn't have said it better myself!

i was lucky enough to receive a little care package in the mail- coming next few days ;)
you can check out their site
Follow them on instagram @sugarhighluvstnd

but in the mean time i got the chance to have a little interview with the girls and find out a little more about the brand and where it is going....

Where did the name sugarhigh + lovestoned come from? how did your brand begin? 
Well, it came about when me & tami, two struggling/broke ass designers thought it would be more affordable to team up - tami bringing the sugarhigh side of things + i the lovestoned. Turns out these words fit together as well as we did + we have been a team ever since. It's been an amazing experience. 

Have there been certain experiences in life or travels that have influenced your designs? has this been a big source of inspiration?
I have been living in maui on and off for the last 10 years so it's definitely had an impact on my style and the vibe of our line. We've been lucky enough to be surrounded by some really beautiful, humble + creative young women out there. There is so much love + support for one another and i think we've all become pretty successful because of it. On the inspiration side of things, I get a lot of my creative energy from nature, the sun, moon + stars. Stargazing is my favorite thing to do EVER. I love the desert, i go there every chance i get. I'm also addicted to the ocean, the jungle + our home in Maui. I enjoy living off the grid, eating out of the garden + staying close to nature. 

Where have you learnt all your skills and your good eye in fashion? what top tip do you have for aspiring designers?
Awww... well i'm glad you think so:) I think of fashion as a self-expression, so I guess it comes from however I'm feeling in the moment. I never went to fashion school, I actually graduated with a degree in anthropology, so every step of the way has been an experiment. I'm lucky to have met Tami, she has taught me pretty much everything i know in photoshop and how to take an idea into production. My advise to any aspiring designer would be to keep your mind + heart open to opportunity, always ask questions, help others when you can + try not to be competitive. Truth is, there is pleanty of room for all of us to be successful here, and we can grow a hell of a lot faster if we support eachother. Also, don't freak out when other people use your ideas. If you have a great idea, it's inevitable that someone else will do it too... take this as a compliment and don't dwell on the negative or it will continue to manifest. It's time to focus your attention on the next thing. 
Whats your life moto that gets you through each day?
Be here now. 

Who do you consider as your style icons and why? 
Um, I have many depending on my mood, the music i'm listening to, films i've recently watched or the time of year. I'm always drawing inspiration from the 70's... Anita Pallenburg, Hendrix + Stevie Nicks when i'm going for a bohemian+gypsy+rocker vibe. Jane Birkin or Francoise Hardi when i'm feeling casual. Bardot for soft+feminine. And Patti Smith or Bob Dylan when i'm feelin androgynous. I also pay attention to modern-day style-gurus like Erin Wasson, Abbey Lee Kershaw + Devendra Banhart. And of course my friends.

What is your favorite fashion destination? if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 
I'm planning my first trip to New York and I can't wait to see what the city holds... so yeah, I guess i'd have to say New York:)

What do you see for the future of sh+ls? where would you like to see it go? 
Hmmm... hard to tell, we fly by the seat of our pants! 

i hope you are as inspired as i was reading this- have a lovely week wherever you are in the world :)
love leana xxxxx


  1. obsessed with sugarhigh and lovestoned! I've loved them for so long and its amazing to watch them grow. I'm glad you posted an interview. They sound like lovely people.


  2. Awww thank you for sharing this lovie, you inspire us too!! Cant wait to see the pics <3 xo

  3. Really good interview! Great answers! Thanks for sharing, Leana!

  4. I LOVED this interview. Their attitude makes me feel like an ungrateful unhappy brat. I'll be reading more into their blog tonight. THANKYOU xx


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