Saturday 5 January 2013

back to what i love- sunday inspiration

All photo's taken from pintrest, weheartit, spell designs,
she made me, billabong aus, frasier sterling
i have needed some inspiration myself lately, hit a little wall with blogging and what better way than to go back to what i love most:



creams, white             & jewellery.

here is a mixture of things that i hope inspire you and put a smile to your face just as they did me.

i promose there are some excitng things happening to coconut, lemon & lime in next few weeks including an amazing GIVEAWAY! yayaya we all love those :P

hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

lots love,
leana xxxx


  1. This brightened my night. I want to travel to some
    beachy island and surround myself with all of these airy, light, + ethereal
    elements. <3

  2. Beautiful babe. You have inspired me. XXX

  3. Stunning images, love that crochet bikini and the white dress!

  4. Amazing stuff! Do you know whos photo it was from instagram of the white floor length dress? Or where I can get one? x

    1. hey lovely refer comment below :)

    2. hey lovely i found the label, here is link to pintrest board of designer

  5. Hi Leana,

    I re-posted the pic of the white wedding dress on my Facebook page and had quite a few people asking me about it! Do you remember where you found that pic? It is so pretty.

    Thanks so much.
    P.s I love your style and love following your inspiration!

    1. hey lovely,

      gahh i honestly can't remember, i saved so many pictures and searched heaps. it was from pintrest i think i tried have a look again but i can't remember what i searched :| if i find it ill let you know sorry.

      thank you for following :) xxxx

    2. yayaya i found it!

      here is link to designers pintrest board


  6. Hey lovely, just catching up on blog reading, I noticed my piccy was posted on my birthday! :) Soooooo cool, your a gem! Love all the inspiration...keep it coming lovely! :) xx


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