Sunday 6 January 2013

delicate treasures of the sea- Amy Grace

all photos taken from Amy Grace Facebook

When it comes to styling my outfits each day, i simply can't get enough of jewellery onto my arms, fingers & neck. i have so many special pieces and just want to where them all. when it comes to special, there is one that stands out. now the very owner of a one of a kind sunrise shell necklace by AMY GRACE.

We share a love for shells thats for sure but no one could beat her insane collection of so many shells ( see below) that i am so jealous of. her jewellery line reflects beachy, one of a kind, delicate and special pieces that can be worn casually or dressed; but overall they become such a treasured piece that will last for years. 

I wanted to share you with you more about this lovely label and her inspirations; here is a special little interview i had with amy herself :) you can check out her jewellery and accessories here 

How did you start up your label and what is the typical amy grace customer like?
I started making jewelry for myself and friends while living on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2002. Being surrounded by the sea definitely influenced my inspiration. My typical clients are like-minded, spirited, adventours, and have a great love of all things beautiful, and a special love for the ocean and casual grace.

Have you always had a love for shells? why are you so drawn to them? do you have an all time favourite one you have collected?
I first began to really appreciate shells while spending many months on the Fijian island of Tavarua. I'm drawn to the curves, colors and ridges. My all-time favorite shell is that of the giant clam, particularly when they are babies. These tiny giant clam shells often washed ashore on the beaches in Fiji. The giant clam is a protected species, but on an amazing trip to Palau I found a sustainable source for these shells for my jewelry (a giant clam farm). I wear my baby clam shell all the time and it makes me feel so connected to the ocean.

Her shell collection- how AMAZING

Jewellery can be very special to many people, what is your favourite, most special piece you own and why?

Believe it or not, my husband designed my favorite piece of jewelry. He picked out a gorgeous keishi pearl during a research trip to Fakarava in French Polynesia, and then incorporated it into a wedding ring with a Tahitian motif. He's a marine biologist, not a jeweler, so he secretly took his idea to one of my goldsmiths and surprised me with this ring...I love and cheerish it.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from? are there certain travels experiences or people who have influenced your work?
I love the tropics and have traveled extensively in the South Pacific, so naturally that's where my inspiration comes from. I'm sure if I were to go to the Caribbean or Indian Ocean I would have similarly inspiring experiences. I love the color of tropical water over shallow coral reefs and lagoons, and once my husband introduced me to SCUBA diving I was blown away by the diversity of life and color below the water's surface.

What do you consider your own style to be like? who are your top 3 favourite fashion designers?
I like to design pieces that can be worn to the beach, but also look great in a cocktail dress. I'm known for my intricate braids that incorporate natural beads of rough cut gems, shell, wood, etc. My work comes to life once lifted off the display and placed around the neck or wrist. My favorite fashion designers are Cavalli, Letarte for the beach, and about a million others. I love fashion!!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go and why?
I'm dying to go to India. I love-love 24kt gold, colorful gem stones, textiles and jewels! All the bright colors would be such an ispriation to India with love.

What do you wish for the future of 'Amy Grace' fine jewellery?
I take pride in the fact that Amy Grace is a boutique line of jewelry where every client gets personal attention. So many happy fun things have happened , and we're so greatful for all of the amazing opportunities that we've worked so hard to achieve. We have gone places we couldn't have dreamed...we made our day-dreams come to life, and the dream keeps happening. I see more travelling, designing, inspiring and being inspired.

hope you are feeling super inspired for this week.
love leana xxxx


  1. Would love to see photos posts of your wardrobe. I bet it is to die for. :-)


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