Monday 21 January 2013

Like no other- the inspirational 'Sherfay Art'

All photo's taken from her Facebook page HERE.
When scrolling through instagram, it never fails to blow me away when lovely Yaz Ward from Sherfay Art shoes off one of her amazing illustrations. I can't draw that well myself so when i find incredible people like her, i am completely inspired and just have to share their work with others. This wonderful pocket rocket is from byron bay and produces such different but iconically different and beautiful work. Not only does she just draw on paper but takes it to a whole new level on surfboards, wood and even coffee cups hehe. 

 you can check out more of her work at

I have been so lucky to get in touch with her and share some wonderful secrets behind her work... i hope you enjoy it and am as inspired as i am by her....

You have a very unique and original way of drawing- how did your style develop and now become your iconic way of drawing?
I've grown up in a family of artists & they have always encouraged my to explore & experiment with different types of mediums. My grandfather left me his ink collection which could now be classified as antique, so the colours I use for my artworks are vintage & discoloured in the most beautiful way possible. I find this is one of the most defining characteristics of my work. The pure density of ink & the depths it can create is the reason I chose to become an illustration artist. Plenty of practice & dedication went into the growth & distinction of my work.

Where do you get inspiration for your pieces and how do you choose a subject matter?
When I am looking for a subject to draw I gather inspiration from music, people, places, the sky, the sea, the dessert. My artworks favour females & I use the human anatomy to give my ladies a dreamy, darker feel. I have always loved taking life drawing classes, I love the challenge of capturing unnatural poses & working to make the forms look natural & organic. My use of feathers, facial designs & headdresses give a somewhat bohemian royalty sensation too, which is influenced by other artists & designers such as Pony Gold & Spell Designs.

What type of materials and techniques do you use when drawing your illustrations?
Lately I have been trying to find new surfaces I can use as a canvas. For my last exhibition I drew on recycled planks of wood, then I moved onto household furniture such as old lampshades & suitcases I found on the side of the road in Byron Bay. My brother is a surfboard shaper & he got me into drawing on his surfboards & fins which is now something I love to do. This year I plan to move onto much larger scale canvases but with the same amount of detail I put into my work now. Photography is also another one of my passions, last week I directed a photo shoot with a young model & I plan to print large scale pictures that I can draw over & experiment with using a mix of mediums. Hopefully it will lead into another exhibition.

What do you consider your fashion style to be like? do you have a favourite piece of clothing?
I love lace. There are never enough long flowing lace dresses in my wardrobe. On my last country road trip I found a beautiful handmade, cream full length gown with old doilies stitched into the back. It would have to be my favourite piece of clothing. The dress gives off a dainty, free-spirit feel. With the way it flows & dances in the wind it's perfect to photograph. I am also a flower crown fanatic! I purchased a black rose crown last year from a car boot sale & I seem to always find a way to make it work with any outfit.

Do you see this as a future career? where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Absolutely! I hope to continue exploring the possibilities of being an independent illustrative artist. I would love find a little space in the Byron Bay area to exhibit & sell my work full time. Perhaps even open my own little boutique. It's an exciting time to be a part of the Arts industry, it's growing to be more rewarding every year & the opportunities to market my work is endless. In 5-10 years time I hope to be doing exactly what I'm doing now... but on a much larger scale!

Who are your favourite illustrators to be inspired by and why do you like their work?
I have been obsessed with Charmaine Olivia's work for years now. She started out as an illustrative artist like me but fell in love with Oil paints. She too features the human anatomy & also gives a dark goddess vibe. It's been the most interesting thing watching her grow creatively & completely jump out of her comfort zone. I feel like perhaps people might be doing the same for me. I'm at the start of my career & already I feel like I've changed my style so much. It's a truly intimate experience when you feel like you're connecting with someone through their creations.
'Rose Study'

The artists SupaKitch & Koralie are also a couple I adore. They are based in France & collaborate together to create the most wonderful & different murals. They present their work through street art, tattoo art, sculptures & prints. I think that the ting that attracts me most to them is their use of calligraphy. I would absolutely kill to have their talents.

Hope you are having a great start to the week, as for australia it is going to be a hot one!
love Leana xxxx


  1. wow her stuff is amazing! such an inspiration x

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  3. Wow, this is truly amazing, love it!


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