Sunday 27 January 2013

Take me to paradise; summer lovin with Soleil Blue

White marilyn tunic by Soleil Blue:
Blue ikat bikini by Melissa Odabash:
White poncho by Soleil Blue - Coming in April.
Pink ikat bikini by Melissa Odabash:
Skirt by Soleil Blue:

Fringe bikini by L*Space:
Jewellery by Soleil Blue- Coming soon

Photographer: Tash Oakley  /  Location: Malibu, CA  /
Model: Ness Isabella  /  Stylist: Laura Larson  /  Jewellery: coming soon, by Soleil Blue
I don't know about you but I am always day dreaming about tropical destinations and wishing I was on a hammock between palm trees admiring crystal clear water and turtles swimming around hehe... well I have found another type of paradise through online shopping, discovering and now interviewing the lovely Laura designer and founder of SOLEILBLUE.COM! The designers she stocks and the overall idea of the store wants you to purchase your own resort wear and live that tropical dream wherever you are in the world. I was convinced, stocking some wonderful labels such as the beautiful Arnhem and one of my all time favourites Jens pirate Booty. 

I am always on the look out for new designers and people to be inspired by and Laura has supplied all of that; also a designer herself launching a new line of clothing and jewellery also to come... she definitely was perfect to interview and share some of her summer secrets with you all. Check out her store at 
and have a read of this summer lovin, jet setting, colourful interview.... 
Goldfish kiss in Jens Pirate Booty now at Soleil blue

How did 'Soleil Blue' begin? was this something you have a always been interested in starting? The idea was born when I went to St. John in the US Virgin Islands to visit my best-friend who had moved there. St. John is so beautiful!! My boyfriend and I traveled all over the Caribbean after that...and I just became obsessed with  traveling and stocking up on the most beautiful resort wear. It's so fun to buy new things when you are planning a vacation. It's part of the fun of going on a trip! I thought it would be so great to have a web store that carried all of the best resort styles and that would also inspire people to travel and relax a bit. People work so much that they forget to take the time to enjoy life. I am guilty of that too!

You stock some amazing designers from all over the world? how do you choose who is sold through 'Soleil blue' and do you have a few favourites that you look forward to their new season designs? 
I just love the Bohemian Gypsy life style. That's what really inspires me. I choose styles that I would like to wear. I love high quality, beautifully made designs. I really appreciate luxe fabrics. I am always drawn to Aztec, Ikat and tribal prints. They never go out of style in my opinion. Mara Hoffman in definitely in a league of her own. Her prints are amazing and I am always eager to see what she has done. Mara is a trend-setter. She's always the one to watch at Miami fashion week. Aila Blue is another that I feel very strongly about. Her designs are so dreamy. Women are just obsessed with her beautiful dresses and her Ikat prints are just gorgeous. I recently discovered Arnhem Clothing and I am totally in love with this brand - I love every piece they make and can't want to see what they do next! Last but certainly not least is Acacia swimwear. Their prints and crochet details really make them stand out. I can't wait to see their next collection!
What would you consider your own style to be like? do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you own?
 I am pretty casual - it's all about comfort for me! I love Cool Change dresses. Living in Florida I wear them all the time. Jen's Pirate Booty is another I go to often. I love things that are easy to wear. I don't like to think about it too much. I wear a lot of maxi dresses. When I want to dress it up a bit I find that I really can't go wrong with a Mara Hoffman tribal maxi, a statement necklace and a pair of gladiator sandals. I can't tell you the last time I wore heels!

Where do you gather inspiration from? are there any certain people, experiences or travels that influence your designs?
 I actually get a lot of inspiration from Instagram! I love seeing the places people are traveling to or what they are wearing. It's also a really great source for finding products for the store. Travel is so great for inspiration. My boyfriend and I traveled all over California this past summer. We drove from San Francisco, through Big Sur and all the way down to Palm Springs. What a great trip! The inspiration for my designs for the Soleil Blue label comes from my love of the beach. I design items that are missing from my wardrobe. They are all pieces that I really want to wear when I go on vacation!

Where is your favourite place to travel in the world and why? 
I've traveled to so many cool places. Barbados and St John, V.I. are amazing! Venice, Italy was one of my all time favorite trips. I love to travel in the United States, especially out west. Colorado and New Mexico are so beautiful. I really want to explore so many places. Right now I am actually thinking more about places I haven't been such as Australia, Bali and Hawaii! Those 3 are tops on my list of places to go in 2013.
Great Barrier Reef- Australia

Australia has just started summer, what do you consider your top 3 summer essentials this year? 
1. A good multi-purpose gauze cover-up is a must! Our Soleil Blue Marilyn tunic is perfect. Melissa Odabash and Letarte makes some really good ones too!
2. A good comfy pair of flip flops. I really like Yosi Samra sandals. They go with everything!

3. A maxi dress in a beautiful print! My favs are Mara Hoffman, Aila Blue and Cool Change.

What would you like to see for the future of 'Soleil Blue'? 
The Soleil Blue line will expand! I am working on my own jewelry line that will go really well with the styles that we carry and I will continue to find new indie designers doing fabulous things. That's what I love most. Discovering new talent!



If you would like to be taken to paradise and of COURSE love a good online shop this is the way to go.... Head over there now for some wonderful new arrivals too :)

Love Leana xxxx


  1. so inspirational! love soleil blue..its always cool to hear how dreams become reality. great post! xx

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