Monday 28 January 2013

Out to Sea, gypsy love with 'She made me'

Arm candy from left to right...
Delphine Racca, port douglas find, The design Villa, Tusk, The design Villa, Long Lost Jewelry

Outfit Details-
Kimono & crochet top- She Made Me  /  Skirt- Rhythm  /
Headpiece- Hard Couture  /  Watch- Pandeia  /
Necklaces- The Design Villa, Roadtrip Jewellery, Long Lost Jewelry, Lovisa

I am getting back into my outfit posts and decided to rock out my new pieces from She Made Me & jewellery by some of my favourite beachy labels. Getting inspired for my trip to byron bay... only 4 days now has come so quick and I am beyond excited!!! so many people I can't wait to meet and all the shopping I have planned. Especially excited to visit Hope & May, have been wishing I could buy everything in their instagram posts... you can see them at

This outfit was so much fun to put together and shoot in, this kimono has a life of its own and just makes the whole outfit. And these beautiful headpieces i received form lovely Kristine, i feel so special to be rocking these out. Talking of headpieces... you must check out the beautiful flower crowns form Charlotte Julia Stone... HERE, mine is ready awaiting me in Byron haha, they are so gorgeous and perfect for festivals & just everyday!

I hope you are all having wonderful start to the week wherever you are in the world :)
Love Leana xxxxx

p.s get your own special crochet pieces at


  1. Wow! You look amazing :) So flattered you featured the Bella Headpiece <3
    Will be reposting these photos!

    Thank you so much, Leana!

    xo Kristine

  2. This is wonderful! Amazing outfit and style!! So inspired :). I love your HardCouture headpiece too. I am a blogger as well and wore one of her headpieces for this shoot. Click here to see :)

    Love your whole blog too by the way :)

    The Rancher's Daughter

  3. Wow...All are Looking So wonderful collection of Outfits Thanks looking for woman clothing store offering an array of sophisticated, stylish and affordable designer and celebrity inspired collections.!Cool change dress

  4. You look like a siren of the sea, a gypsy mermaid. :-)
    Your posts are beautiful and tranquil & bring a welcome refreshment to my day!
    I am looking forward to your Byron posts, I'm sure you are going to have an amazing time!

    Love from Dallas, Tx ~

  5. This outfit is gorgeous... very bohemian and carefree!
    I also love the floral crowns.
    I actually own an Etsy store selling them too and it would be nice if you could check out my blog and store


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