Sunday 24 February 2013

The Goodness Goddess- an inspiration, a beautiful soul & true beauty

PhotographerMikala Wilbow  /
Model- Tasha Clarke
Bikini's- Billabong  /  Location- Bondi Beach
Photos from her Instagram- @gypsy_wandering
My beautiful and truly inspiring friend Tasha (you may know her as gypsy_wandering on instagram) has just launched her own blog....

I first noticed Tasha's amazing stand out style though Spell Designs wearing endless jewels - (see last photo). But it was just at that point i discovered her instagram and fell in love with her delicious looking, flower covered, dreamy food photo's. featuring endless coconuts and frangipani's i knew we would get along. After discovering a shared love for boho styled outfits, layers of jewellery & a passion for life - our blooming friendship began.

I met Tasha for the first time the other week and I can honestly say I have never felt so inspired and uplifted before meeting someone. She has such a beautiful soul looking out for everything that lives and breathes on this earth. We sat there talking for hours and bouncing off so many amazing ideas to collaborate on for our blogs; creating some truly magical posts for all of you guys. 

Here is a little about Tasha...

Tell us a little about yourself Tasha? What are three words to describe yourself?
The three words friends use to describe me are bubbly, energetic and smiley!  I love to surf, do yoga, sketch, paint, photograph, write make jewellery and life revolves around all of these passions as I'm an avid believer in doing the things that make you happy! 

How did you decide on the name for your blog, what does it represent & how did the idea come about?
The initial concept came about by encouragement from instagram followers actually! I started posting a few smoothies and it just grew organically from there, from a recipe blog into this whole project! At first it was simply recipes, nothing this personal, but a few friends I had made in recovery suggested that I use my personal story to inspire others, as it had them. I was proud of my progress but I had no idea the effect it had on others, and it has literally brought me to tears a few times. I truly believe that everything happens for a purpose and that when I recovered it wasn’t only for myself but to help others also. Recovery from an eating disorder is one of the most difficult things to encounter in life but I wanted to show other girls that it is possible, even from the lowest point. If I can incite just a small positive change in one girl’s life, my goal for this entire project will be 
Fulfilled. This project has been incredibly beneficial personally also, as I'm now able to speak about my eating disorder openly, which I wasn't able to before. I definitely wanted the word goddess in it, because every girl should feel like a goddess. I just love that word- it makes you so proud, strong and empowered to be a woman and yet it's so feminine. I played around with a few words, but The Goodness Goddess had a nice ring to it! The support I have had has been overwhelming- I cannot express enough thanks thank to those gorgeous souls who have been supporting me, my gratitude cannot be condensed into words. It has been truly astonishing! 

What can we expect to see coming up for your blog?
I am so excited to connect with people who are hoping to make a positive change to their lives and health - the people I have met so far throughout this process have truly blown my mind with their amazingness, everyone has their own story and everyone inspires those around them in their own unique way. I only hope I can inspire others, and I cannot wait to be inspired by them too! I'm taking a holistic approach to the website as health is not just about nutrition. I'll be posting about spiritual practices like yoga, marine conservation, animal welfare, interviews and collaborations with inspiring souls, natural beauty therapies...there's a lot of travel on the cards too so I'll be posting healthy travel tips and documenting some amazing places through writing, painting and photography. I also cannot wait to begin selling my jewellery and art online of which 100% of the profits will be donated to marine conservation organizations. I’m super excited for all the adventures that the future holds and the experiences along the way! 

Byron bay post coming very soon and a week full of EXCITING POSTS.....

Love Leana xxxxx


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    1. awwww woops, i am not sure why didn't work... it should work now :)
      aw thank you so much, very nice... if you visit spell designs blog i have documented my week interning there :) and a byron bay post is on its way too this week...
      thank you :)

    2. yea i found another link on the side of your blog that worked [ therefore i edited and fixed my comments on here] , ok, i will check it out =) yay ! im a excited to read it=) thank youuu, you are very welcome =)

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  3. i adore your blog lean the more and more i read and look at it=]]]this is a greatttttttt post! and i love and respect your blog by the way leana =) you were an intern for spell and gypsy collective right?
    that must of been out of this world amazing experience =) i would love to hear about it =) and am a bit jealous to be honest=) hope you are well !

  4. love love tasha and her energy! awesome interview

  5. Aw thanks for sharing! Tasha is so great, been following her on instagram for a while :)

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  6. This venture has been extremely valuable individually also, as I'm now able to talk about my consuming disorders freely, which I wasn't able to before. I definitely desired the phrase goddess in it, because every lady should experience like a goddess.
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